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People & Parliament transforming society

Parliament has frequently defined the relationship between the State and its citizens and so has often been at the very heart of change in society. Parliament at times has been a champion of advances in society, and at others has been the focal point of popular campaigns run by those frustrated by a lack of reforming legislation.

Parliament and the First World War

Lloyd George sitting at desk

A collection of materials from the UK Parliament in commemoration of the First World War.

Parliament and the Second World War

Find out about UK Parliament and WWII using historical and educational resources as well as information about Parliamentarians and the roles they played in the Second World War.

Living and Learning

How Parliament worked with social reformers to improve our health, working conditions and education over the last two centuries

Town and country

The influence that local areas have had in developing their towns and countryside through legislation

Transport and communication

People working with Parliament have shaped the country’s infrastructure since medieval times

Trade and industry

How Britain’s economic development over the past 300 years was influenced by Parliament

Private lives

How Parliament has influenced and affected a range of aspects of our private lives, including the money we earn and our personal relationships

Law and order

Parliament's involvement in the development and modernisation of the nation’s system of courts, policing and prisons

Vote 100

We're celebrating 100 years since Parliament passed a law which allowed some women, and all men, to vote for the first time. Find out how to get involved.

Current project

This section of the website supports the People and Parliament: Connecting with Communities project.

Parliament is exploring how interaction between people and Parliament in the past has affected communities. By partnering with regional archives, local case studies are being created relating to the subjects covered in this section. These will be published here on the website.

Find out more about the project and details of how to join a case study group.

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