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For centuries one of the key functions of Parliament has been the raising of money, originally at the request of the monarch but more recently in order to support the work and machinery of Government.

Taxation has played a fundamental part in this process. Parliament has authorised all kinds of different taxes and systems of collecting it, though the tax everyone is familiar with today is income tax.


Find out about modern aspects of taxation and how Parliament is involved

Key dates

Follow the major stages in the development of Britain's system of taxation from the 17th century


Delve more deeply into the evolution of Britain's taxes and Parliament's historical role in this process


The boundaries of taxation have been gradually extended since the 19th century. Find out how and why this came about

Case Study

Follow the Norwich 'history detectives' discoveries as they research commissioners named on the 1821 Land Tax Act

Parliament's role

What Parliament does and its main roles of scrutiny, legislation and raising taxes.

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Petition of the Month

Dr Henry Miller writes about the 1816 campaign to repeal the income tax and the petition of the City of London Corporation.

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