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The State Opening of Parliament 

The UK general election took place on Thursday 4 July 2024. The new Parliament met on Tuesday 9 July 2024 for the election of the Speaker and swearing-in of MPs and Lords. The State Opening of Parliament and The King’s Speech will take place on Wednesday 17 July 2024.

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View the 2024 general election results.

Watch debates and committees

Visitors to Parliament from the UK and overseas are welcome to watch debates and committee hearings in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. This is free of charge.

Attend debates
Image of UK Parliament portcullis

From the public galleries, watch MPs and Peers question the government and debate current issues and legislation.

Prime Minister's Questions
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See the Prime Minister answering topical questions from MPs in the Commons Chamber on Wednesdays at 12 noon.

Ministerial Question Time
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Watch ministers answer questions from MPs and Peers on government policy and topical issues.

Watch committees
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A large part of the work of the House of Commons and the House of Lords happens in committees, made up by smaller groups of MPs or Peers.

Commons debates in Westminster Hall ('Westminster Hall debates')
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The House of Commons also sits in an additional room just off Westminster Hall. Find out how you can watch the debates and what type of business takes place.

What's on

Find out what's on in the House of Commons, House of Lords and Committees.

Watch live and archive coverage of all public UK Parliament proceedings. This includes debates and committee meetings of both Houses.

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