Have your say: Laws and debates

Have your say on legislation

Follow the progress of current legislation and have your say on Bills that affect you.

Input into legislation

There are several ways to have your say on legislation, including contacting a Member of the Lords and submitting evidence to a Public Bill Committee.

Digital Engagement Programme

The Digital Engagement Programme is your chance to connect with the work of MPs and Parliament.

Object to a Private Bill

Private Bills are proposed laws that only apply to certain individuals or organisations. You can petition against a private bill if you are specifically and directly affected by it.

Follow legislation online

Keep up to date with the progress of current and draft Bills before Parliament; read the full texts of Acts of Parliament, and find out the details of delegated legislation that change laws under existing Acts.

Bills v Acts

A Bill is a draft law; it becomes an Act if it is approved by a majority in the House of Commons and House of Lords, and formally agreed to by the reigning monarch (known as Royal Assent). An Act of Parliament is a law, enforced in all areas of the UK where it is applicable.

Video: find out how to get involved with Parliament