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Legislation and Acts of War

Representation of the People Act 1918

How did Parliament respond to the aftermath of the First World War? Representation of the People features Tristram Hunt MP, Lord Morgan and Nick Robinson.

Education Act 1918

Discover the story of the 1918 Education Act and the impact it had on British society during the 20th century.

Defence of the Realm Act 1914

Why did the Government censor the press, ban narcotics and change the clocks during WW1? A history of the Defence of the Realm Act featuring Tristram Hunt MP, Lord Morgan and Nick Robinson

Munitions of War Act 1915

Passed in 1915 it gave the newly created Ministry of Munitions power to declare factories controlled establishments and restrict the freedom of workers to leave, through a system of certificates and of tribunals.

WW1 - Did you know?

Facts about the influence World War One had on Parliament

Medals and Coins

The House of Commons collection of medals and coins has been built up over the last 100 years and is substantially formed by donations from three Members of Parliament