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Police funding settlement announced by Government

13 December 2018

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Following a delay due to the 'meaningful vote' debate, Nick Hurd, the Minister for Policing, today made a statement announcing the police funding settlement.

Speaking in the Chamber, the Minister announced an increase in funding had been agreed, allocating up to £14billion to the police for 2019/20. This represents an increase of up to £970million on this year's funding.

Mr Hurd concluded his statement by thanking the police force for their service and saying,

"This government's priority is the safety of the public. We understand that our police are facing increased demands. We are determined to respond the threats from terrorism, organised crime and serious violence. We are today announcing a major investment in the capabilities the police need to respond, and we are rightly challenging the police to spend that money well and continue on the path of reform and modernisation."

 Shadow Minister for Policing, Louise Haigh responded by saying,

"Today's settlement represents a ninth consecutive year of real terms central government cut to the police. In September the Govenment announced that changes to the police pension valuation would mean an additional £165 million cost to forces in 2019-20 increasing to £417 million in 2021.
Why then does today's settlement only cover £150 million of that cost and why does it provide no certainty for the following year?"

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