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Emergency services

Emergency services news from UK Parliament.

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Lords debates Domestic Abuse Bill
Members discuss key purpose and principles
06 January 2021
How do we ensure the UK is resilient to extreme risks and emergencies?
Call for evidence published for risk assessment and risk planning inquiry
23 December 2020
Lords debates Fire Safety Bill at third reading
Bill passes to Commons to consider Lords amendments
25 November 2020
Prisoners bill completes passage through Parliament
Bill becomes law following Royal Assent
04 November 2020
Committee examines the Coroner Service in England and Wales
The Justice Committee examines how the Coroner Service deals with healthcare-related deaths
01 October 2020
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Committee again expresses deep concerns about security and policing measures post December
Committee writes again to Security Minister about future UK-EU security cooperation
22 July 2020
Nurses' leader and Greater Manchester CEO give evidence on lessons from COVID-19
Public Services Committee hears from nursing, public health and local authorities leaders on Wednesday 17 June at 3.00pm
15 June 2020
Policy bodies and think tanks discuss lessons for public services after coronavirus
Public Services Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 3 June at 3.00pm
02 June 2020
What lessons for UK public services from the coronavirus pandemic?
Peers launch first probe into lessons for public services from COVID-19.
29 May 2020
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Lords questions to government on 21 May
Support for the unemployed and hospital patient safety on the agenda
20 May 2020
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Lords questions government in oral questions on 5 May
Virtual questions session discussing the impact of Covid-19
04 May 2020
Lords discusses impact of Covid-19 on prisoners
Members debate offender rehabilitation programmes
24 April 2020
Lords examines emergency Covid-19 legislation
Coronavirus Bill becomes law
26 March 2020
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