Government Ministers, Google and Facebook discuss the future of advertising

Communications Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 19 December at 3.30pm

Kay Swinburne MEP gives evidence on financial regulation and supervision

European Parliament Building, Strasbourg

EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 20 December 2017 at 11.15am

Lords debates size of the House report

Photograph of the Lords Chamber with members

House of Lords to discuss membership

Statement: Harassment in public life: 18 December 2017

Statement expected in the Commons at 5.30pm

Statement: Grenfell Tower and building safety: 18 December 2017

Statement expected in the Commons at 4.30pm

More parliament

Title Date
Statement: EU Council: 18 December 2017 18.12.2017
Commons Finance (No.2) Bill 2017-19 18.12.2017
Lords private members' bills 18.12.2017
Minister questioned on the EU data protection package 18.12.2017
Airports and airlines top representatives questioned on Heathrow expansion 18.12.2017
Migration to Scotland after Brexit examined 18.12.2017