Committee visit HMP Styal and North Wales Women’s Centre


Welsh Affairs Committee visit continue inquiry into Welsh prisons

Lords debates case for UK Constitutional Convention

Members consider summit to address democratic accountability and devolution

Lords debates challenges facing young people

Peers discuss education, health, employment and 'generation rent'

The Macpherson Report: Twenty Years On inquiry launched

Home Affairs Committee launches inquiry to examine progress in the twenty years since the Macpherson report was published

More parliament

Title Date
Prime Minister's Questions: 12 December 2018 12.12.2018
Lords examines Tenant Fees Bill 12.12.2018
Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill: Lords third reading 12.12.2018
Courts and Tribunals Bill: Commons stages 12.12.2018
Urgent question on the Institute for Statecraft 12.12.2018
Committee hears evidence on Erasmus and Horizon programmes post-Brexit 12.12.2018