Parliament, government and politics

Lords examines Refugees (Family Reunion) Bill

UK visa

Bill aims to reunite family members and provide legal aid

Parliament’s podcast series wins Bronze in the 2018 British Podcast Awards

The Paliament Explained podcast - hosted by Meera Syal - has won an award

The Parliament Explained podcast - presented by Meera Syal - has been awarded Bronze in the British Podcast Awards. Read more about the podcast's outstanding success here

Future anti-ship missile systems inquiry launched with French Defence Committee

Committee hold a joint inquiry to demonstrate, and reinforce, the bilateral defence relations

Lords debates Domestic Gas and Electricity (Tariff Cap) Bill

Peers discuss smart meter rollout and consumer protection

MPs debate the East Coast franchise and privatisation in the NHS

Subjects for debate chosen by the Opposition

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Title Date
Committee explore UK’s resilience to heatwaves 23.05.2018
Employers questioned on sexual harassment in the workplace 23.05.2018
Trade between the UK, Australia and New Zealand examined 23.05.2018
Committee explores data sharing post-Brexit 23.05.2018
Carillion: Government risk assessments published 23.05.2018
Committee sets the agenda for new algorithmic ethics agency 23.05.2018