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ParliOUT is a Workplace Equality Network (WEN) in support of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people in Parliament.

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A principal aim of ParliOUT is to make LGBT role models more visible and accessible.

The network also provides a welcoming social forum and an informal support network of people from across Parliament. With the other WENs, ParliOUT strives to create a supportive and inclusive working environment by providing support, guidance, educational and networking opportunities to all staff and Members of both Houses of Parliament.


All parliamentary passholders, including Commons and Lords staff, MPs staff and contractors are welcome to join ParliOUT, as are MPs and Peers. Membership is not restricted to people who require a platform relating to this WEN but those involved are required to respect the aims of the Network.

Pride in London

ParliOUT annually represents the Houses of Parliament at Pride in London. The parade, held in central London, is an opportunity for LGBT+ people and their allies, to be visible and speak loudly about what they have achieved and what is still needed to make the UK a more equal place for everyone.

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