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Receiving updates on parliamentary engagement opportunities

Find out about how to stay up to date with Parliament’s work and opportunities to engage, and how to contact teams at Parliament. 

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Staying up to date as a researcher or knowledge mobiliser

If you are a researcher:

You can subscribe to a weekly email round up of opportunities for researchers and experts to engage with Parliament, sent by Parliament's Knowledge Exchange Unit.  These opportunities include calls for evidence from parliamentary select committees, academic fellowship opportunities, requests for expertise from Parliament and more.  You will receive the round up each Thursday morning, with some exceptions such as parliamentary recess.

Subscribe to UK Parliament's Knowledge Exchange Unit weekly round up for researchers.

If you are a knowledge mobiliser:

Parliament's Knowledge Exchange Unit have a growing network of knowledge mobilisers. These are people such as university staff working in knowledge exchange, impact officers, policy managers, or academic librarians. They are also policy-focused intermediaries in organisations such as learned societies or professional bodies. We work with this network to support researcher engagement, communicate key opportunities and information around engaging with Parliament, and understand the priorities, needs and challenges of the research sector. We currently send a weekly round up to knowledge mobilisers who are members of the informal network, summarising ways to engage with UK Parliament as a researcher or knowledge mobiliser.

If you occupy one of these roles, we would love you to join our network. You can do so by subscribing to UK Parliament's Knowledge Exchange Unit weekly round up as a knowledge mobiliser.

Sign up for updates from across UK Parliament:

Researchers and knowledge mobilisers can also follow the work of Parliament by choosing to receive updates and alerts from the areas of the institution relevant to your research:

Select Committees 

House of Commons Library

House of Lords Library


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Knowledge Exchange Unit

Follow us on Twitter: @UKParl_Research. UK Parliament’s Knowledge Exchange Unit (KEU) retweet all opportunities we come across to engage with Parliament (and the Devolved Legislatures). These include select committee calls for evidence, POST calls for expert contributions, special advisor positions, fellowships and events.


You can also find details of how to get in contact with Parliament.

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