Kings and Queens

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Statues of Kings and Queens form part of the rich stonecarving on the exterior of the Victorian Palace of Westminster. These chart successive generations of monarchs in Britain since the mediaeval age, with images of Queen Victoria and her VR monogram appearing on each elevation of the building.

In the 1840s the Fine Arts Commission planned to complement this celebration of monarchy on the exterior of the new building with over life size statues of kings and queens punctuating the walls of the interiors of the State Apartments. The grand scheme for statuary was never completed; however during the 20th Century full length portraits of Kings and Queens were acquired for the Collection and displayed on the walls of the State Apartments, thereby continuing the original theme of monarchy.

Stone statues of Monarchs of the mediaeval age are to be found on the walls of Westminster Hall. Commissioned during the late 14th Century when Westminster Hall was undergoing significant remodelling during the reign of King Richard II these statues have lost their original gilding and polychrome decoration but remain highly significant examples of mediaeval stonecarving showing the prevailing fashion in court dress of the period. They are the earliest pieces in the Collection.