21st Century Parliamentarians

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The policy of adding images of key parliamentarians to the Collection has continued apace since 2000.

Tony Blair gave sittings for his official portrait for the Commons during the last few months of his premiership, and portraits of key politicians were commissioned, including Ken Clarke, Michael Howard and Rev Ian Paisley.

Speaker Michael J Martin's portrait was commissioned to join the collection of paintings in Speaker's House.  

The Contemporary Collection has also been supplemented by portrait photographs of leading politicians.

The House of Lords has continued the policy of commissioning portraits of senior political figures, including the Lord Chancellors Lord Irvine and Lord Falconer, the Leader of the House Baroness Amos, and the first Lord Speaker Baroness Hayman. A group portrait of the Law Lords, commissioned in 2009, documents their historic last judgments in the House of Lords Debating Chamber in July of that year, which brought to an end their long association with the House of Lords, before moving to the Supreme Court.