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Political satire uses ridicule and irony to criticise politics and politicians in an entertaining way through caricature. It represents a distinctive and innovative tradition in British art and is an important part of the Parliamentary Art Collection key to documenting the political past and its people. Highlighted here are works by William Hogarth representing the 18th century, John Doyle and James Gillray with examples of there differing styles in the 19th century. The end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century is seen through images from various artists who contributed to the weekly magazine Vanity Fair and the work of the Standard newspapers first political cartoonist, David Low. The collection also has contemporary works by Gerald Scarfe including one of Tony Blair as Prime Minister, a large donated political memorabilia collection from across the centuries and two spitting image puppets from the 1980’s television programme.

Gillray Gillray14 Images

Low Low3 Images

Hogarth Hogarth3 Images

Vanity fair Vanity fair87 Images

Doyle Doyle13 Images