Artwork - Hospitality Admission of Sir Tristram to the Round Table

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  • Title: Hospitality Admission of Sir Tristram to the Round Table
  • Artist: William Dyce
    Charles West Cope
  • Date: 1864--
  • Medium: Fresco painting
  • Categories: British history
  • Catalogue number: WOA 3153
  • Description: Fresco, commissioned in 1847 for the new Palace of Westminster, painted by Dyce and completed by Cope illustrating a scene from The Legend of King Arthur, titled \'Hospitality\'. This fresco illustrates the admission of Sir Tristram to the Round Table. After his many adventures Tristram is bought to Arthur\'s court by Sir Launcelot and welcomed there;

    \'Then King Arthur took Sir Tristram by the hand and went to the Table Round. Then came Queen Guenever and many ladies with her, and all the ladies said at one voice: Welcome, Sir Tristram. Welcome said the damsels. Welcome said the knights. Welcome said King Arthur, for one of the best knights, the gentlest of the world, and the man of most worship. For all manner of hunting thou bearest the prize and of all measures of blowing thou art the beginning and of all the terms of hunting and hawking ye are the beginner, of all instruments of music ye are the best; therefore, gentle knight, said Arthur, ye are welcome to this court.\'

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