Artwork - The Fire of 1834: View from the Thames

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  • Title: The Fire of 1834: View from the Thames
  • Artist: Unknown
  • Medium: Oil painting
  • Dimensions: 58.3cm (h) x 74.8cm (w) x - (d) x - (dia)
  • Categories: Buildings
  • Catalogue number: WOA 1251
  • Description: This painting shows the fire that destroyed the old Houses of Parliament in 1834, as seen from the Thames. Various artists captured the burning buildings on the river front, where the view was particularly spectacular. The fire reached its height here from 11pm and turned into the most significant blaze in the city between 1666 and the Blitz. It burned fiercely for the rest of the night and could be seen from across the Home Counties. At least 44 artists (including Turner and Constable) are known to have painted the catastrophe itself or the ruins of the ancient buildings it left behind. The artist who captured this view is unknown.
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