Artwork - Margaret Beckett MP

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  • Title: Margaret Beckett MP
  • Artist: Nick Sinclair
  • Date: 1994--
  • Medium: Monochrome photographic print
  • Dimensions: 39.3cm (h) x 31.5cm (w) x - (d) x - (dia)
  • Categories: Portraits
  • Catalogue number: WOA 3904
  • Description: Part of a series of photographs taken of Leaders and Shadow Leaders of the House of Commons in the decade leading up to 1994.

    Following in the tradition of portrait photography popular at the end of the nineteenth century where figures were shown in the context of their working environment. The influence of Sir Benjamin Stone, a former MP and proponent of this style, is particularly evident. Each sitter in the series was photographed in full face and figure in context.

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