Artwork - The Terrace, 1909

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  • Title: The Terrace, 1909
  • Artist: Milly Childers
  • Medium: Oil painting
  • Dimensions: 102cm (h) x 127cm (w) x - (d) x - (dia)
  • Categories: Buildings
  • Catalogue number: WOA 3439
  • Description: Some of Milly Childers commissions probably resulted from political connections; her father Hugh Culling Eardley Childers, was Chancellor of the Exchequer (1882-5) and Home secretary (1886).This commission was completed in 1909 and is a group portrait of various Members of Parliament and Sir David Erskine, the Serjeant at Arms, relaxing on the Members Terrace overlooking the Thames. Included in the portrait; Keir Hardie (leaning on the parapet), Norman Lamont (2nd from right), Sir Benjamin Stone (bearded and in top hat) who later photographed the artist with her work on the terrace (see WOA 623)

    For Women, the art world in the nineteenth and early twentieth century was a contradiction. There were more female artists than ever before and more opportunities for them than in the previous century. However, the emphasis placed on the traditional, domestic role of a woman and the inaccessibility of full artistic training resulted in many women existing in a state of instability between the amateur and professional worlds. Milly Childers was therefore not a \'career\' artist in the sense that she made a living by painting, and little is know of her training or early career.

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