Artwork - The House of Commons, 1986

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  • Title: The House of Commons, 1986
  • Artist: June Mendoza
  • Date: 1987--
  • Medium: Oil painting
  • Categories: Portraits, Buildings, Events
  • Catalogue number: WOA 3232
  • Description: The House of Commons in session in 1986 with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher speaking and Speaker Weatherill in the Chair. Prime Ministers Question Time is the subject in this painting ,although no exact date is specified, the scene is that of a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon during the month of July 1986.The then Speaker, the Cabinet, Shadow Cabinet and leaders of all the political parties are shown together with Party Whips, Committee Chairmen and Members of Parliament who entered the House in or before 1970, the limited seating capacity of the Chamber meant that the remaining places were offered to Members on the basis of ballots held by their own parties. Over two hundred Members failed to be included in the portrait.

    Included in the panelling on the left of the composition the ghost figures of former statesmen Bevan, Cromwell, Attlee, Chamberlain, Lloyd, Fox, Wilkes, Gladstone, Macmillan, Churchill, Pitt the younger and Disraeli.

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