Artwork - Alexander Irvine, Lord Irvine of Lairg

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  • Title: Alexander Irvine, Lord Irvine of Lairg
  • Artist: James Lloyd
  • Date: 2004--
  • Medium: Oil painting
  • Categories: Portraits
  • Catalogue number: WOA 6272
  • Description: James Lloyd trained at Blackpool, Coventry and the Slade schools of art. He was the 1997 winner of the National Portrait Galleries BP award, and was subsequently commissioned by the NPG to paint a portrait of designer Sir Paul Smith- a painting which Charles Saumarez Smith, Director of the National Gallery described as \'one of the most contemporary portraits\' he had ever seen. Following his BP award success, he was selected by the Honorable Society of the Inner Temple to paint a portrait of Lord Irvine, and was subsequently chosen to paint Lord Irvine\'s portrait once again, this time for the House of Lords. The setting of the portrait is the River room of the Lord Chancellors residence cementing the link between Lord Irvine\'s tenure of office as Lord Chancellor and the Palace of Westminster itself. The view in the back ground of the painting shows the terrace and river front. Like much of Lloyds other work the painting combines the image of the still human figure beside a window which mediates the contrasting interior and exterior architectural spaces.

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