Artwork - Speaker William Lenthall 1591-1662 and his family

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  • Title: Speaker William Lenthall 1591-1662 and his family
  • After original by: Edward Bower
  • Medium: Oil painting
  • Dimensions: 244cm (h) x 270.5cm (w) x - (d) x - (dia)
  • Categories: Portraits
  • Catalogue number: WOA 4187
  • Description: Painting attributed to Edward Bower showing Speaker William Lenthall (1591-1662) and his family. c.1643-45, oil on canvas. William Lenthall was speaker during one of the most turbulent periods in British History and the most significant in regard to the assertion of Parliamentary rights over Royal prerogative.This portrait shows Lenthall seated left in his speaker\'s robes, his wife Elizabeth, also seated and surrounded by their children.
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