Artwork - young Queen Victoria 1819-1901

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  • Title: young Queen Victoria 1819-1901
  • Artist: Agostino Aglio
  • Medium: Oil painting
  • Catalogue number: WOA 1702
  • Description: A young Queen Victoria (1819-1901) seen at her first Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace after her Accession.

    She is seen full-length standing to the right on a crimson carpet, wearing a diamond coronet with ostrich plumes, ribbon of the garter, white dress embroidered with bunches of pink flowers, long pink train, white gloves, the garter robe behind her. The throne and a crimson and gold curtain to the left, scepter with dove on the table and columns, balustrade, bunch of pink roses, trees and Westminster Abbey in the background

    Agostino Aglio, 1777-1857 was born in Cremona, Italy. He was educated in Milan and studied at the Berera Gallery. He came to England in 1803 where he assisted an architect, William Wilkins, RA, in the production of his \'Antiquities of Magna Graecia\'. He also decorated churches, theatres and country houses in England and Ireland and published \'A Collection of Capitals and Friezes drawn from Antique\', 1825, copiously illustrated by him from the originals. In 1840 he exhibited \'The Enthronization of Queen Victoria in Westminster Abbey\'.

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