National Holocaust Memorial exhibition in Westminster Hall from 27 February

Victoria Tower Gardens (Image credit: Malcolm Reading Consultants/Emily Whitfield Wicks)
24 February 2017

An exhibition of the shortlisted designs for a National Holocaust Memorial is on display in Westminster Hall between 27 February and 11 March.

The new National Holocaust Memorial and accompanying education centre will stand in Victoria Tower Gardens in the shadow of Parliament. This striking new structure will honour victims and survivors of Nazi persecution and will act as a national voice against hatred in our world today.

The international design competition sought to harness the very best architectural talent to create an emotionally powerful and sensitively designed memorial. Ninety-two teams expressed an interest in the project, with a shortlist of ten invited to submit the concept designs on display as part of this exhibition.

Consultation with the public, those working in the field of Holocaust remembrance and education, as well as technical experts will play a crucial role in informing the final decision of the jury. Visitors are invited to give their views as part of the exhibition.

Access to the exhibition

The exhibition is open from Monday 27 February until Saturday 11 March 2017 (except Sunday 5 March) from 9am. Entrance is via the Cromwell Green entrance.

The closing time varies each day depending on parliamentary business, and is 5.30pm on Saturdays and non-sitting Fridays. Details of parliamentary business are available on the UK Parliament home page.  

Visitors will be subject to an airport style search and entry may be subject to delays and queues. Visitors are advised to avoid busy periods, notably between 3pm and 7pm on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

If in doubt, further information on entry arrangements can be obtained by calling Visitor Services on 020 7219 0516.

Image credit: Malcolm Reading Consultants / Emily Whitfield Wicks

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