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Vote for UK Parliament in the School Travel Awards

29 April 2019

Image of UK Parliament portcullis

Has your school enjoyed a free trip to UK Parliament? If so, have your say and vote for us in the School Travel Awards.

You can also win £1,500 for your school by entering the 'My Best School Trip' Award and sharing your experience of a particular trip to UK Parliament.

UK Parliament school trips

A free school trip to UK Parliament offers a unique opportunity to enhance pupils’ understanding of democracy. After a tour of the Palace of Westminster, primary and secondary students learn more in a curricula-linked workshop inside UK Parliament’s award-winning Education Centre, which uses interactive 360° projections, voting pods and tablets.

Each term, UK Parliament runs a day for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). These sessions aim to create an inclusive and more flexible atmosphere.

Schools visiting the UK Parliament may be eligible for a subsidy to help with the costs of travel.

‘My Best School Trip’ award

The ‘My Best School Trip’ Award offers a prize of £1,500 to spend on a school trip. Pupils submit their reviews of a school trip, accompanied by a narrative from the teacher about the objectives of the trip and what was achieved. Entries are shortlisted with the finalists judged by a panel of experts.

School Travel Awards

The annual School Travel Awards celebrate the organisations that offer inspiring experiences for primary and secondary learning outside the classroom.

Two of the awards acknowledge the dedication of teachers and the schools themselves through the ‘School Trip Champion’ and ‘My Best School Trip’ awards – both offering a prize of £1,500 towards a future educational visit.

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