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Autumn and Winter 2023-24 Menus and Catering Forms

Autumn and Winter 2023-24 menus applicable from Monday 18 September 2023 to Monday 1 April 2024. The Private Dining menu will be paused and replaced by a dedicated Christmas Private Dining menu from Monday 4 December to Sunday 17 December 2023. The Normal Private Dining Menu will resume from Monday 18 December 2023.

Autumn and Winter 2023-24 Artwork

Seasonal menus

Some of our menu items contain allergens. There is a risk that traces of these may be found in other products offered at the House of Lords. We understand the dangers to those with severe allergies, so please speak to a member of the team who will endeavour to help you make your choice and accommodate specific dietary requests.

Event requirement forms / catering forms (to submit your order)

Allergy and dietary information

  • Breakfast (TBC)
  • Afternoon Tea (TBC)
  • Canapés (TBC)
  • Small Plates (TBC)
  • Private Dining (TBC)
  • Christmas Private Dining (TBC)

Dietary information
All dietary information must be submitted no later than 5 working days before your event (not including the event date itself).

However, in the interests of trying to meet the dietary concerns of guests at our venue (where possible), our kitchen and operations team would be grateful to have dietary information as soon as it becomes available. Please work with your assigned event coordinator as soon as dietary information becomes available to you.

When submitting dietary information to your event coordinator, we require the first and last name of the guest (as well as the table number if your guest has been invited to a seated event).

For reception-style events, it will be the responsibility of the event organiser or the guest themselves to inform our waiting staff of their dietary concerns. This measure is in place as we have no other means of identifying guests with dietary needs at a reception-style event.

Special catering
For guests who require special catering, perhaps for religious reasons, our venue will try and meet the needs of your guests.

Event organisers, however, should be reminded that there are additional charges applied to halal and kosher catering.

With regards to events observing Ramadan, all speeches must be completed at the start of the event, food service will begin promptly as soon as the sun sets. Event organisers are reminded we have a strict closing time of 10.30pm and must follow the instruction of the duty manager and security of the House.

Please speak with your event coordinator to find out the additional charges for halal food (as charges may vary depending on the food that has been requested).

All kosher catering is supplied by our current kosher business partner 1070 Kitchen.

Kosher catering food menus are included within our minimum catering spend. However, kosher catering is also subject to a cover charge (imposed by our venue), a 12.5% service charge and delivery charges.

All-kosher events in which the majority of catering provided is kosher will incur a minimum £10.00 cover charge. The £10.00 minimum cover charge goes towards the costs of staffing the event, linen provided, crockery, glassware and other items.

Kosher wine is also subject to our corkage rates (£12.00 per bottle for red/white wine and £15.00 per bottle for sparkling wine).

Please note, we can only accept all-kosher dining bookings (seated events) during parliamentary recess times. We cannot accept all-kosher dining bookings during non-recess periods. However, all-kosher receptions can be hosted at our venue throughout the year. Please speak to a member of our team for further clarification on suitable times.

With regards to the invoicing process, 1070 Kitchen will invoice you for the kosher food and drink costs directly as well as the delivery costs involved to get said items to our venue. Our Accounts Department at the House of Lords will add a 12.5% service charge to the Final Invoice (issued after the event has happened). They will also be responsible for invoicing related to the room hire and minimum catering spend of our venue.

1070 Kitchen
Natalie Salama-Levy
Managing Director

T: +44 (0)7624 2013
M: +44 (0)7958 310420