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Strangers' Dining Room

The Strangers' Dining Room is a magnificently decorated event venue on the Principal Floor of the House of Commons following restoration and renewal works in 2015.

The Strangers’ Dining Room was originally a Peers’ committee room, which was later transformed into a dining facility in approximately 1867, and renamed the Strangers’ Dining Room during the interwar period. 

When Parliament is in session, the room is used by Members to meet their guests and these visitors are referred to as "Strangers".

Combined with the intricate wood carvings, the elaborate red flock wallpaper – designed and favoured by Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (1812-52) - provides an elegant setting for your event.

Certainly the Strangers’ Dining Room can be used as a reception area (for Members’ Dining Room dining events), but it is also a versatile space in its own right.