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Terrace Pavilion

The Terrace Pavilion is the perfect event venue for larger receptions at the House of Commons with access out onto the Commons' Terrace.

The east front of the Palace measures approximately 265m, and is the longest façade of any building in London. Historically the Terrace was popular with Members who took their guests for tea, and has since been developed for a greater variety of entertaining inside the Terrace Pavilion.

A purpose built heated marquee provides an ideal venue for all weather conditions. The panoramic glass doors offer uninterrupted views of the river Thames, and open out onto the terrace; an idyllic setting for a glass of chilled champagne in the summer months, or warm mulled wine in the winter. The oak wooden flooring and drapery offer a perfect tabula rasa for corporate presentations or wedding receptions.


28.5 x 5.65m x 6.05m AREA: 161m2