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Frequently asked questions

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What's the maximum number of guests allowed?

Each event space has a maximum capacity which muist not be exeeded. This number is detailed on the contract of hire.

As well as attending guests, this number also includes event organisers and everyone in their group and any other indivduals such as photgraphers, exhibitors, contractors, etc.

The capcity number does not include staff of the Commons Catering Service.

Is parking available?

There are drop off points alongside UK Parliament, near Victoria Tower Gardens. We’re unable to provide parking spaces for security reasons.

There’s an underground car park at Abingdon Green, opposite the Victoria Tower, but it can’t take coaches due to height restrictions.

Details of available coach parking in central London can be found on the Transport for London website.

Is UK Parliament accessible to wheelchair users?

Yes, but they take an alternative route to event spaces at some points. Please let us know if there are wheelchair users or people with mobility needs in your group before your visit.

There are toilet facilities for wheelchair users in all buildings and along the visitor route.

Can we take photographs?

There are two places on the visitor route where you can take photos, Westminster Hall and St. Stephen's Hall. Photos may not be taken in Central Lobby and other public areas beyond that point.

Photos are also allowed in your event space, but please talk to your event coordinator beforehand.