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PowerPoint Guidelines

Presentations can be delivered in many formats; we support PC based
Powerpoint 2003/2007/2010 and PDF files.

  • Check with your event co-ordinator to see what aspect ratio you need to create your presentation in, it is important to do this before you design your slides so that you don’t have to re-design them at a later date. (You can adjust the aspect ratio in the page setup section of Powerpoint)
  • Internet connections are not included so please make your event coordinator aware of any connections required.
  • Ensure you make your event co-ordinator aware of any sound requirements you have within your presentation.
  • We support flash drives.
  • Ensure any photographs used within your presentation are sized correctly before importing to your presentation to prevent oversized presentation files. Most digital cameras produce very high resolution images which tend to slow down PCs when used within a standard resolution Powerpoint presentation. The images resolution can be adjusted in a wide variety of image editing software prior to importing to Powerpoint.

If you are using PC based Powerpoint please follow these guidelines:

  • Ensure non-standard Windows fonts are embedded in your presentation.
  • If you are using video/audio ensure all files are included with the presentation, in advance of the event to allow for compatibility tests.
  • Although our machines are equipped with many of the latest CODECS (files that encode and decode videos) there are hundreds in circulation, so even if the video plays on one PC it is not a guarantee that it will play on another.

Please contact your event co-ordinator if you have specific requirements.