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Dissolution of Parliament

The dissolution of Parliament took place on Thursday 30 May 2024. All business in the House of Commons and House of Lords has come to an end. There are currently no MPs and every seat in the Commons is vacant until after the general election on 4 July 2024.

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Everyone matters to us, and we embrace the diversity that all people bring. UK Parliament is dedicated to providing a great experience for all visitors, which is why we are so committed to delivering a wide range of innovative support services aimed at helping people who have disabilities have a memorable time when visiting our event spaces.

Explore services for people with accessibility requirements, including pre-arrival resources, downloadable guides and services available while visiting the House of Commons for an event.

UK Parliament is easy to get to by London Underground, buses, mainline trains and river.

  • adjacent to Westminster London Underground station – one of the most accessible and step-free tube stations in London;

You can also find out information about accessible public transport in London.

Staff participate in regular disability awareness training.

Accessing our web pages

We aim to make our web pages work for everyone. This includes making sure:

  • navigation works in a consistent way, to help you move around our web pages
  • we use standard web font to help make text easy to read
  • any images include a description, so that you can understand what it means
  • links do what they say, so that they make sense when read out
  • you can use a screen reader when using our website. Some of our information is in PDF documents. Most internet browsers support viewing PDFs, but you might have to enable this in your settings. You can also download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Let us know if you find a PDF that doesn't work with a screen reader. We can send the information to you in a different format
  • buttons and links are the right size for everyone to be able to use

You can also find out what UK Parliament is doing to improve the accessibility of all its websites.

Mobility and dexterity

We have a range of ways to make accessing and moving around the UK Parliament estate easier if you have a mobility or dexterity impairment. These include:

  • step free access to the UK Parliament estate via the Cromwell Green and Portcullis House visitor entrances
  • wide internal corridors allowing access throughout the buildings
  • fully accessible lifts for ease of movement between floors with space for a standard wheelchair and a companion
  • handrails fitted to all staircases
  • most access routes through buildings are uncarpeted floors enabling ease of manoeuvrability for people with wheelchairs
  • no fixed seating in our venues allowing flexibility for positioning of wheelchairs
  • option for mobile ramps for staging in our larger venues (requires 1 week's notice)

Deaf or hearing loss impairment

  • if you have trouble speaking or hearing on the phone we use Text Relay to translate speech into text and text to speech. You can call us via Relay UK and a Relay assistant will type out what our team says. You'll be able to read this in your computer, mobile, tablet or textphone, then either speak or type your response. Find out more about how to make and answer calls with Relay UK
  • we have hearing loops technology in most of our venues. They pick up sound from a microphone, rather than other noises, and send it wirelessly to your hearing aid. You need to have your hearing aid switched to the hearing loop setting to use it. This is usually the T-position
  • portable hearing loops are available for smaller spaces
  • induction is also located at reception desks
  • strobe fire alarms are installed in all common areas

Blind or visual impairment

  • assistance dogs (including registered, licenced and trained therapy dogs) are welcome with notice - we can provide water and a designated relief area
  • our staff are trained on how to guide and make themselves known to blind and visually impaired people
  • the fire alarm is an audible series of taped messages or sounders which are broadcast to raise the alarm
  • audible voice synthesisers are fitted in passenger lifts to alert people as to what floor they are on

Neurodivergent support

Some visitors may find UK Parliament noisy and over stimulating. You will find patterned carpets, wallpaper and decoration throughout the building. At times you may hear the division bell ringing. This is not a fire alarm.

  • we can accommodate alternative access requirements
  • we can arrange for a pair of ear defenders
  • we can facilitate a quiet space, room availability permitting

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEP)

We have evacuation procedures which take into consideration accessibility requirements.

We appreciate that many people with accessibility requirements will be able to vacate the building in an emergency unaided, however, some guests may require assistance. If guests will require assistance in an emergency let us know in advance and we will work with the individual to develop a PEEP ahead of the event. The PEEP will explain the options available in the event of an evacuation and who, if necessary, is designated to assist the individual. We will find the best solution and options available.

For questions about services for people with disabilities and other accessibility requirements, please email us.

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