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Fire safety and maintenance - guidance for visitors with autism

fire safety.jpg

Fire exit signIf there is an emergency when you are at Parliament such as a fire alert, you may hear an alert message or a message to evacuate the building.






 Below are sound clips of these messages:

If you hear a fire alarm, you must leave the building by following staff instructions to go to a safe meeting place. You must wait until you are told it is safe to go back into the building.

Maintenance work 

Maintenance work central lobbyThe Palace of Westminster is an old building and to look after it there is often maintenance work taking place in areas you will visit. The work is completed with your safety in mind. Sometimes the work can be very noisy.





Maintenance work in Westminster HallExamples of current work include the replacement of floor tiles, and the cleaning of the stone walls in Westminster Hall. If you would like to find out more about what maintenance work is happening in the areas you are visiting please get in touch with Visitor Services.

Art exhibitions

Westminster Hall installationArt exhibitions often take place in the Hall so sometimes there are bright pictures on the walls, or installations in this room, which change from time to time.