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Buying tickets - guidance for visitors with autism

In order for you to enter Parliament on a commercial tour, you need to have a ticket. 

Portcullis House Ticket OfficeThese can be purchased online or over the phone. The tickets can be printed at home or collected from the Cromwell Green visitor entrance.

Alternatively, you can also buy tickets by going to the Ticket Office. 

Getting to the Ticket Office

You should exit Westminster tube station, taking exit 4, the Bridge Street exit.  Turn left without crossing the road.  When you take the first left you will see the Ticket Office.  

Inside the Portcullis House Ticket OfficeWhen you take the first left you will see the Ticket Office. Sometimes there can be a queue outside. There will be a Visitor Assistant in navy blue and gold uniform who can assist you at the front of the queue.

The inside of the Ticket Office looks like this. You will go to the next free window.

Collecting or buying tickets

You can collect and buy tickets from the Visitor Assistant behind each one of the windows.

There are microphones so that you can speak to each other through the glass. 

Visitor Assistand behind window in the Ticket Office 

It can be noisy in here and the microphones can produce static noise if mobile phones and tablets are too close to them.

To buy a ticket you should place the money through the slot under the glass to the Visitor Assistant. 

The Visitor Assistant will then pass the ticket(s) and change, if there is any, back through the slot. There is a pin pad machine if you choose to pay by credit/debit card.

Getting to the entrance

Bridge StreetOnce you have bought a ticket you are ready to go to the Cromwell Green entrance to get into the building.

You need to cross over Bridge Street and then walk along to the Cromwell Green entrance. This road can be very busy.

There can be a queue to get in, but the Visitor Assistants, in navy blue and gold uniforms, and Police Officers at the Cromwell Green Entrance will assist you.


Visitor Assistants at the Cromwell Green entrance to the Palace of Westminster