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Attending an event, dinner or drinks - guidance for visitors with autism

Lots of people visit Parliament to attend an event. Sometimes food and drink is served at Parliamentary events. If you are attending an event at Parliament you will often receive an invitation or instructions from your host.

attending an event dinner.jpg


If you have any access requirements you should let Parliament know in advance. You can also contact your host in advance so they can ensure you have a great visit. If you have any concerns when you arrive, you can talk to a Visitor Assistant, as they are there to help you. Some event rooms and corridors can be busy and noisy but a Visitor Assistant will happily walk with you via an alternative route if you would like to. The Palace of Westminster is a big place.

Cromwell Green Entrance

For many of the events you will have to go through the main visitor entrance at Cromwell Green (number 7 on the map below). Some invitations though, will mention Black Rod’s Garden Entrance (number 10 on the map below).

Black Rod’s Garden entrance

Black Rods Garden entranceThere is security check zone which works the same way as the one for Cromwell Green Entrance, explained in Story 2 Going through security.  The same rules apply here and you can let the Security Officers know if you need the process explained again or if you would like to be searched in a more private space.



Once through security you will enter a waiting area where a member of staff will come and collect you and escort you to your event, dinner or drinks.

Dress code

There is no formal dress code for visiting Parliament. However, some events are black tie. This will be stated on your invitation.