Guidance for visitors with autism

Advice for visitors on the autistic spectrum on what you will see, hear and do if visiting UK Parliament.


This section is designed to help visitors on the autistic spectrum understand what will happen on their journey through Parliament.

If you are planning a visit and would like support you can email Visitor Services or call 020 7219 4114. You can also bring a companion with you.

Getting to Parliament

The Parliamentary Estate is spread out over many buildings. This includes the Palace of Westminster, home of the House of Commons and House of Lords. There are other buildings, including Portcullis House on the opposite side of Bridge Street.

There are many ways to get to Parliament such as by train, car, bus or walking.

Parliament’s Security and Visitor Services teams will be there when you arrive, and during your visit, to assist you and answer any questions.

For information on:

If you would like more advice you can email the Serjeant at Arms Office or call on 020 7219 3050 or email Visitor Services or call on 020 7219 4114 who will help you.

Over one million people visit Parliament each year. People visit Parliament for many different reasons. We have created 9 stories to help you find out what you will see, hear and do if visiting.

  • If you are coming on a tour you will need stories 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • If you are watching a debate or committee you will need stories 2, 3 and 5
  • If you are attending a meeting you will need stories 2, 3 and 6
  • If you attending a dinner or drinks reception you will need stories: 2, 3 and 7
  • If you require step free access you will additionally need story 8
  • Story 9 will tell you what to do in the event of a fire. It will also explain additional noise and things to be aware of when maintenance works are occurring.

Buying tickets - Story 1

Information on how and where you can buy tickets for a tour of Parliament

Going through security - Story 2

Find out what you can expect when going through security, where to go and what items are banned

Westminster Hall - Story 3

Information about the Jubilee cafe and gift shop in Westminster Hall

Going on a tour - Story 4

Find out about the different tours available and what you can see

Watching a debate - Story 5

You can watch a debate in the House of Commons or House of Lords chambers when Parliament is sitting

Attending a committee or meeting - Story 6

Find out about the many places that you can have a meeting in Parliament

Attending an event - Story 7

If you are attending an event at Parliament find out about where you need to go

Step free access route - Story 8

Guidance on the different types of access in Parliament

Fire safety and maintenance - Story 9

If there is an emergency find out what you need to listen out for