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Access to debates and committees

Watching debates and committees at UK Parliament is accessible and free. Parliamentary business can vary, often at short notice. This means visits to watch debates and committees can be unpredictable.
Before visiting, we recommend you check the what’s on calendar.

Booking in advance

For most debates and committees, it is not possible to book in advance. The exception is Ministerial Question Time, for which you can request a ticket.
For Prime Minister's Question Time, advance booking is essential to be sure of entry.
If you need more information, you can:
  • Call 020 7219 0516
  • For Text phone dial 18001 followed by 020 7219 0516
  • Email the Visitor Experience team

Public galleries

The public galleries in the House of Commons and the House of Lords are high above the debating chambers. You will be behind a glass screen in the House of Commons.
You will need to hand in your bags and mobile phones before visiting the public galleries. We will store your personal items securely while you are in the public galleries.
You may be have to pass through an archway and be searched by a member of the security team.

Watching debates and committees at Westminster

Visitors must be quiet and not join in with debates and committees.
Debates and committees can be confrontational. Debates, especially in the House of Commons, can be noisy.
For further information, please visit the 'Access and assistance devices' page. This page includes details for hearing aid users attending debates and committees.

Watching debates and committees from home

We want to welcome as many visitors to Westminster as possible. We recognise that is not an option for everyone.
You can watch debates and committees live on
You can watch recordings of debates and committees via UK Parliament's YouTube channel.

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