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This page highlights some of the current parliamentary material available on Western Europe. This includes select committee reports, briefing papers on current legislation and other subjects produced by the parliamentary research services, and the latest Early Day Motions put down by MPs.

Commons Briefing Papers

16.12.2013Germany's 2013 election: shaping the future?
Where is Germany - the most influential country in Europe - heading, under its new grand coalition government?
14.01.2013Norway's relationship with the EU
Norway is not part of the EU, and although it has adopted large amounts of EU legislation, it has little influence.
13.12.2012Iceland: an overview
2012 has seen Iceland gear up for parliamentary elections in 2013, with plans for a new constitution as it emerges from its financial crisis and proceeds with its application to join the EU.
01.05.2012In brief: Hollande or Sarkozy for President?
In the run-up to the second and final round of voting in France's presidential elections on Sunday 6 May 2012, the Socialist Franšois Hollande still appears to be the favourite to win.
28.02.2012In brief: French presidential elections 2012
France is holding Presidential elections in April and May 2012. The current favourite to win the elections is the Socialist Party's candidate, Francois Hollande.
05.02.2010Where are Turkey's new international relations taking it?
Turkey's path in the international arena is changing, with a growing focus on its regional and eastern neighbours. However, commentators have yet to predict whether this change is deepening Turkey's relationship with the West or moving it away.
27.01.2010Turkey's energy politics
Turkey and its relations with its gas-rich neighbouring countries play a predominant role in the future of European energy security. Turkey hopes to use this as leverage in its aspirations to join the European Union. The array of Eurasian gas pipeline projects
22.12.2009Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Turkey's charismatic Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdo├??an, has had some impressive achievements, both domestically and in the international sphere, but has also been a controversial figure particularly for his attitude towards religion and for his sometimes intemperate outbursts. This note looks at Erdo├??an's personal and professional profile in an attempt to unmask the new path of Turkey from Kemalist-elitist to 'Non-threatening Muslim'/mass politics.
04.11.2009Cyprus: a political and economic overview
Cyprus has been divided between the Greek community in the south and the Turkish community in the north since 1974. 2008 brought a renew sense of optimism to those eager for a reunification settlement, but this has now receded somewhat, with suggestions that a 'window of opportunity' may close in the spring of 2010. The economic situation - slowing in the south and already poor in the north - could be further damaged if there is no settlement deal.
27.03.2009Iceland's financial crisis
The global financial crisis has been tumultuous for Iceland. Until recently considered a rich, successful and competitive nation, Iceland suffered a dramatic collapse of its economy and currency following the collapse of its banking sector in October 2008. It was forced to negotiate a loan from the IMF and further financial support from a number of countries, and saw the fall of its government. The crisis has led to renewed suggestions that Iceland may apply to join the EU and adopt the euro. Following the Government's fall in January 2009, a caretaker Government took over in February and elections are expected on 25 April 2009. The major partner in the caretaker left-wing coalition, the Social Democratic Alliance, was a member of the previous administration and is strongly pro-EU, but its new partner, the Left Green Movement, has said it will continue to oppose EU membership.

Early Day Motions

That this House recognises the courage of all those who served in the International Brigades defending Spanish democracy during 1936 to 1938; welcomes the memorial to be unveiled on ...
That this House notes that British citizens living in Spain can claim the winter fuel allowance; believes this defeats the point of the winter fuel allowance; and calls on the Government ...
That this House warmly congratulates the Mayor of Morphou and the members of the Morphou municipality on again holding their annual rally to remind the United Nations, the European ...
That this House welcomes the opening of the crossing in north west Cyprus, between Kato Pyrgos/Asagi Pirgo and Limnitis/Yesilirmak, promised in May 2008 between the leaders of the Cypriot ...
That this House notes the comments by Professor Hans-Werner Sinn, head of the prestigious German IFO Institute, reported on 6 September 2010, that Greece abandoning the euro and re-establishing ...


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