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09.08.2016Water bills - affordability and support for household customers
This House of Commons Library Briefing Paper examines the issue of water affordability. It includes statistics and analysis of the cost of customer bills; discussion of affordability and vulnerability; and information on the help that is available for customers struggling to pay. It also discusses the economic regulation of the industry as well as actions of the UK Government since 2009.
09.03.2016Increasing competition in the water industry
This Commons Library Briefing Paper summarises the market reforms set out in the Water Act 2014 relating to increasing competition for the non-household retail market and the upstream market, including progress on implementation and background to the reform. It also summarises recent developments relating to increasing competition in the domestic retail market.
29.10.2015Water meters: the rights of customers and water companies
This Commons Library Briefing Paper explains the powers that customers and water companies have in opting for charging with water meters. It also provides an overview of the relevant Government policy and legislation.
06.05.2014Water Bill 2013-14. Lords amendments
This note provides information on the Water Bill's Committee, Report and Third Reading stages in the Lords. It highlights amendments made to the Bill and also gives a brief account of other significant amendments discussed. It does not provide an exhaustive account of proceedings or document every amendment discussed.
02.01.2014Water Bill: Committee Stage Report
This briefing describes key areas of debate during the Water Bill's Committee Stage. The briefing does not cover all amendments or discussions.
21.11.2013Water Bill
This briefing is prepared for MPs and their staff to aid in their scrutiny of the Water Bill 2013 at its Second Reading on 25 November 2013. It provides briefing on key issues; additional briefing is available to MPs and their staff upon request.
24.05.2013Water bills and rateable values
Members of the public often contact their water company or MP complaining that their water bill is much higher than their neighbour's because of differences to the rateable value of the properties. However, rateable values cannot be changed. Opting for a water meter might be the best option for households seeking to reduce their water bill.
17.05.2013Water bills in the south-west
This note provides information on water bills in the south-west, which are significantly higher than in other parts of England. It describes the Government's solution to the problem: a payment allowing a 50 reduction of South West Water customer bills from April 2013.
15.05.2013The Water Bill
The Government plans to introduce a Water Bill in this parliamentary session. It will probably focus on increasing competition in the water sector, and it will also aim to deliver other objectives including the provision of flood insurance, the better management of water supplies and more sustainable water abstraction.
08.11.2012Sewer flooding
16.03.2012Waste Water National Policy Statement
This note provides background information on the Waste Water National Policy Statement, which streamlines planning policy for nationally significant waste water treatment projects such as the Thames Tunnel.
This notes sets out the positions of various groups regarding the effects of fluoridation of drinking water. It also sets out the Government's position.
27.02.2012The Water Industry (Financial Assistance) Bill 2010-12
The Water Industry (Financial Assistance) Bill contains two measures. One will give the Government the discretion to reduce water bills in certain regions. The other will give the Government the discretion to provide financial assistance for major water and sewage infrastructure projects. Initially the Government plans to use these powers to reduce water bills in the South West of England and to support the Thames Tunnel project.
30.11.2011Surface water drainage charge (rain tax)
This note introduces the debate surrounding the surface water drainage charge, or 'rain tax'. Following a change in legislation, water companies are now permitted to introduce surface water drainage charge concessionary rates for community groups.
14.07.2011Private sewers
Approximately 200,000 kilometres of privately owned sewers and lateral drains in England will be transferred to water and sewerage companies from 1 October 2011. This transfer will help to address many of the problems associated with these sewers.
10.12.2009Flood and Water Management Bill. Bill 9 2009-10.
There has been growing pressure to introduce legislation to address the threat of flooding and water scarcity-both are predicted to increase with climate change. The Government published a draft Flood and Water Management Bill in April 2009, and the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee undertook pre-legislative scrutiny of the document. The Committee welcomed a number of the proposals, but it was concerned that a lack of parliamentary time would undermine the introduction of a comprehensive Bill. The Government introduced a slimmed-down version of the Bill on 19 November 2009. Key features include measures to: require the Environment Agency to create a National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy, which a number of organisations will have to follow; require lead local flood authorities to create Local Flood Risk Management Strategies; enable the Environment Agency and local authorities more easily to carry out flood risk management works; introduce a more risk-based approach to reservoir management; change the arrangements that would apply should a water company go into administration; enable water companies more easily to control non-essential uses of water, such as the use of hosepipes; enable water companies to offer concessions to community groups for surface water drainage charges; require the use of sustainable drainage systems in certain new developments; and, introduce a mandatory build standard for sewers.
31.03.2009Water metering
Water metering. By Ed White. SN/SC/1509.
04.09.2003Water Bill (HL) (Bill 149 2002/03)
Water Bill (HL) (Bill 149 2002/03). House of Commons Library Research Paper 03/67.
10.12.1998Water Industry Bill: Bill 1 1998/99
Water Industry Bill: Bill 1 1998/99. House of Commons Library Research Paper 98/117. (Supersedes Research Paper 98/110).