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29.02.2016The Parliamentary Oath
This House of Commons Briefing Paper looks at the oath of allegiance or affirmation which Members of both Houses of Parliament are required to take before they can take their seat. It focuses primarily on the Parliamentary Oath in the House of Commons, although later sections look at the oath in the House of Lords, the devolved legislatures and in certain Commonwealth countries. It also sets out some of the key stages in the history and development of the Parliamentary Oath.
16.11.2015UK delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
How democratic is the UK's 'democratic conscience'?
21.08.2015Speakers of the House of Commons and Chairmen and Deputy Chairmen of Ways and Means
A list of all known Speakers and Deputies from 1258 to present day
01.06.2015The election of Deputy Speakers
This note reviews the background to the introduction of elections for Deputy Speakers; notes arrangements for 2015; and reports the results the elections in June 2010 and in October 2013.
14.05.2015The election of a Speaker
This note briefly reviews the election of the Speaker in 2009, the Procedure Committee's review, and the changes made, in 2001, to the procedure for electing a Speaker.
26.03.2015Re-election of the Speaker after a general election
Proposals to change the procedure if the re-election of a Speaker is challenged after a general election are to be considered on 26 March 2015.
16.07.2010PIL: Speakers' statements on ministerial policy announcements made outside the House
01.12.2009Speaker's Conferences
This note looks briefly at the background to previous conferences and lists them, with their terms of reference.
18.06.2009Suggestions for possible changes to the procedure and business of the House- a note by the Clerks
This Standard Note reproduces the text of a letter and accompanying set of suggestions prepared by Robert Rogers, Clerk of Legislation, for circulation to the Leader of the House, Shadow Leaders, Whips, and Chairs of relevant Committees, and those Members intending to stand in the election for Speaker, due to take place on Monday 22 June. It is reproduced in this form for the convenience of other Members.
19.03.2001Election of a commons speaker
Election of a Commons Speaker (2nd ed). House of Commons Library Research Paper 01/30. (Replaces Research Paper 00/90)