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07.11.2016Ethnicity and religion: Social Indicators page
Ethnicity and religion: Social Indicators page providing summary statistics on the ethnic and religious composition of the population.
16.11.2015Social Indicators 2015
This Research Paper summarises a wide range of social statistics. Subjects covered include agriculture, crime, defence, education, elections, environment and energy, health, housing, local government, population and migration, social security and transport.
18.02.2015Religious Slaughter of Animals
Religious slaughter of animals for food without pre-stunning is currently permitted in the UK for Muslim (Halal) and Jewish (Shechita) methods in line with permitted exemptions to EU slaughter regulations which require pre-stunning. In practice, around 80% of halal meat in the UK is from animals that have been pre-stunned. The UK Government has said that it would prefer all animals to be pre-stunned before slaughter on welfare grounds but it observes the rights of religious communities. However, animal welfare groups, including the British Veterinary Association and RSPCA are calling for an end to non-stun slaughter. All parties in the debate would like to see labelling of meat which provides more consumer information on the slaughter methods used.
13.03.2013Preventing violent extremism
This note gives information on the Government's review of the Prevent strategy, a collection of initiatives aimed at tackling religious extremism, which was inherited from the previous Government. It outlines the new strategy and includes information on the integration work led by the Department for Communities and Local Government.
11.06.2012Religious slaughter
This note deals with the concession allowing religious slaughter of animals without pre-stunning
19.01.2012Social Indicators
A compendium of the latest social statistics. This edition includes articles: Religion in Great Britain, and Focus on road casualties
19.01.2012Religion in Great Britain: Social Indicators article
Trends in religious identity in Great Britain over recent years.
30.11.2011Surface water drainage charge (rain tax)
This note introduces the debate surrounding the surface water drainage charge, or 'rain tax'. Following a change in legislation, water companies are now permitted to introduce surface water drainage charge concessionary rates for community groups.
21.06.2010The Church Commissioners
This note sets out the background to the creation of the Church Commissioners in 1948, their main functions, their composition, and their relationship with the House of Commons.
09.02.2010Equality Bill 2008-09: sexual orientation and religious employment
Changes proposed in the Equality Bill regarding the circumstamces under which religious organisations are allowed to discriminate on grounds of sexual orientation in employment.
01.02.2010Women bishops in the Church of England
This Note looks at the history surronding, and the legislation involved in, women becoming bishops in the Church of England.
06.11.2009The Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006
26.10.2009Religious representation in the House of Lords
Within the context of House of Lords' reform proposals, there has also been discussion of the future of the Lords Spiritual, and questions of whether other faiths groups should have representation in the second chamber. This note discusses these proposals including the Government's most recent White Paper on Lords reform published in July 2008.
23.06.2008Preventing Violent Extremism
10.06.2008Religious Hatred: Attempts to legislate 2001-2005
Religious hatred. By Lucinda Maer. SN/PC/3189.
13.05.2008The Report of the All Party Parliamentary Committee into Anti-Semitism
12.05.2008The Abolition of the Blasphemy Offences
29.11.2007Chancel Repair Liability
02.02.2006Commons Divisions on the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill
16.06.2005Racial and Religious Hatred Bill (Bill 11 of 2005-06
The Racial and Religious Hatred Bill (Bill 11 2005-06). House of Commons Library Research Paper 05/48
16.11.2001Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Bill, Parts IV and V:Immigration asylum race and religion (Bill 49 of 2001-02)
Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Bill, Parts IV and V:Immigration, asylum race and religion (Bill 49 of 2001/02). House of Commons Library Research Paper 01/96.