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Content published before December 2016

This page highlights some of the current parliamentary material available on public administration. This includes select committee reports, briefing papers on current legislation and other subjects produced by the parliamentary research services, and the latest Early Day Motions put down by MPs.

Commons Briefing Papers

04.08.2016Honours: History and reviews
Honours awarded today are mostly part of the Order of the British Empire, which was established in 1917. Almost from the beginning there was controversy about who should receive honours and suggestions of impropriety, particularly in the award of honours for political service. This paper summarises the various reviews of the system and the changes made.
25.07.2016A Public Service Ombudsman for the UK
This House of Commons Library Briefing Paper looks at the Government's proposal to bring forward a draft bill for a public service ombudsman which will provide a unified ombudsman service for UK reserved matters and public services delivered solely in England. It also looks at the existing ombudsman landscape for public services across the UK.
01.07.2016Public Inquiries: non-statutory commissions of inquiry
This Briefing Paper examines non-statutory inquiries, including: non statutory ad hoc inquiries, committees of Privy Counsellors and Royal Commissions. A number of recent high profile inquiries, including both the Butler and Chilcot inquiries on the Iraq war, have been held as non-statutory inquiries.
26.04.2016The Commissioner for Public Appointments
This Commons Library Briefing Paper sets out the role and remit of the Commissioner for Public Appointments. It summarises the findings of the recent Grimstone Review of the public appointments system and initial responses to its recommendations. It also briefly sets out information about the establishment and development of the role.
16.03.2016The Parliamentary Ombudsman: role and proposals for reform
This House of Commons Briefing Paper looks at the role of the Parliamentary Ombudsman, and recent proposals for its reform.
12.03.2016Local authority boycotts
This note discusses proposals to restrict the ability of local authorities to carry out boycotts.
22.02.2016Women around the world: International Women's Day 2016
This briefing gives an introduction to International Women's Day, celebrated on the 8th of March. It examines a variety of indicators for women's equality both in the UK and internationally.
20.01.2016Combined authorities
This briefing note outlines the origins and structures of combined authorities, which will handle many of the 'devolution deals' agreed between the Government and local areas in England.
19.01.2016Politically Exposed Person's Regime
This note provides a short guide to the politically exposed persons regime within the general anti money laundering rules in the UK.
11.01.2016The UK National Security Council
The Commons Library has published a briefing paper on the UK National Security Council (NSC). Using a Q&A format, the briefing provides basic information about its origins, mandate and operation.

Lords Library Notes

04.11.2010Public Bodies Bill (HL Bill 25 of 2010-11). LLN 2010/027
Public Bodies Bill. House of Lords Library Note 2010/027


12.06.2015Trends in Political Participation
Over the last fifty years in the UK, some aspects of participation in formal politics have decreased, such as political party membership. But new forms of participation, such as online activism, have emerged, which may become increasingly important, especially for younger people. This POSTnote discusses trends in political participation, with a focus on new forms, drivers of these trends and how UK democratic institutions are responding.
17.09.2012Measuring National Wellbeing
This POSTnote summarises the latest research on measuring national wellbeing, its components and causes, and examines some policy implications.
01.09.2009Futures and Foresight, May 2009
This POSTnote examines the key characteristics of futures work and its use by governments and parliaments.

Select Committee Reports

19.01.2012Accountability of the Bank of England: response from the Court of the Bank of England to the twenty-first...
Government response. Treasury Select Committee report [Commons]
26.10.2011Appointment of Robert Jenkins to the interim Financial Policy Committee.
Treasury Select Committee report [Commons]
14.09.2011Change in Government: the agenda for leadership.
Public Administration Select Committee report [Commons]
14.07.2011Select committees and public appointments.
House of Commons Liaison Committee report [Commons]
09.06.2011Cabinet Manual.
Government response. Public Administration Select Committee report [Commons]

Early Day Motions

That this House believes that all salaries and remunerations packages paid to individuals, either directly or indirectly, from public funds exceeding three times the current national ...
That this House welcomes the announcement of the introduction of a supermarket ombudsman as called for by the Competition Commission report of August 2009; notes that 75 per cent. of ...
That this House expresses concern that the award-winning tax offices in Accrington and Chorley are due to close; believes that this decision is unjustified and will reduce the level ...
That this House recognises that Ordnance Survey provides a valuable and well respected public service; welcomes the fact that Ordnance Survey exceeded its target for operating profit ...
That this House notes the several recent instances in which public data held by various public bodies has been lost, and in instances of data loss such as that at HM Revenue and Customs, ...


  • Commons Briefing Papers (CBP) Papers providing in-depth and impartial analysis on every major piece of primary legislation and on other topics of public and parliamentary concern. Regular statistics papers are also published.
  • Early Day Motions (EDMs) - formal motions submitted by MPs in the House of Commons
  • POSTnotes (POST PN) - proactive four-page policy briefings from the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology based on reviews of the research literature, interviews with stakeholders and peer review, commissioned by the POST Board
  • Lords Library Notes (LLN) - authored publications by the research section of the House of Lords Library that provide analysis of Bills, subjects for debate in the House and other issues of interest to Members.
  • Select Committee Reports - papers produced by all select committees of both Houses