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28.09.2016Commons Library analysis of the Neighbourhood Planning Bill
The Neighbourhood Planning Bill 2016-17 (Bill 61) makes reform to the neighbourhood planning system, the use of pre-commencement planning conditions and the compulsory purchase process. The aim is to speed up the delivery of new homes. The Bill's Second Reading in the House of Commons is scheduled for 10 October 2016. This paper sets out the background and comment on the Bill.
27.09.2016Shale gas and fracking
The regulatory regime for fracking in the UK is covered in this note along with comment on environmental concerns. It also covers the new access provisions and debate on fracking in during the Infrastructure Bill's passage through Parliament.
13.07.2016Planning for onshore wind
Onshore wind farm planning applications are determined by local authorities, except for small-scale domestic turbines which have permitted development rights. Recent changes to onshore wind planning policy made by the Government has aimed to give local communities more of a say in which developments are approved. This note sets out planning policy for onshore wind development, controls in place, rules on separation distances, possible community benefits and the recent changes.
12.07.2016Planning for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects
Development Consent Orders for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects are granted by the Secretary of State as an alternative to needing planning permission from a local authority. Recent changes have removed onshore wind farms of over 50MW in size from this regime. Further changes are expected to be made by Government to the consenting process and to establish a National Infrastructure Commission on a statutory footing. This note provides further information about the consenting process and future changes.
11.07.2016Calling in a planning application
The Secretary of State has powers to "call-in" a planning application and "recover" a planning appeal, to determine it himself. This note explains these powers further.
05.07.2016Starter Homes for First-Time Buyers (England)
This House of Commons Library briefing paper considers the Government's aim of delivering 200,000 starter homes by 2020 for first-time buyers under the age of 40. The homes will be sold at a discount of 20% off the market price. The starter home initiative only applies in England.
04.07.2016Revocation of planning permission
This note covers the rarely-used procedure that occasionally allows planning permission to be revoked after it has been granted.
04.07.2016Neighbourhood planning
The Localism Act 2011 allows parish councils and groups of people from the community, called neighbourhood forums, to formulate Neighbourhood Development Plans and Orders, which can guide and shape development in a particular area. This note provides more information on these powers, on reviews of the effectiveness of these powers and on forthcoming changes to the processes.
25.05.2016Planning for Housing
It is Government policy to encourage more house building within the planning system. This note sets out how local authorities are directed to plan for housing, concern about unplanned developments, as well as the Government's proposals for reform.
24.05.2016Planning Obligations (Section 106 Agreements)
This briefing paper looks at recent changes to planning obligations, the appeals process surrounding them and how planning obligations interact with the Community Infrastructure Levy. The brief looks at England only.
18.05.2016Planning Reform Proposals
Reforms aimed at making the planning system quicker and simpler to use are high on the Government's agenda, as set out in the 2015 Productivity Plan and Budget 2016. The Queen's Speech 2016 has announced a new Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill providing for further reform in addition to those made by the Housing and Planning Act 2016. This paper sets out the Government's key planning reform proposals and those changes in the process of being made.
11.05.2016Housing and Planning Bill: Lords amendments and Ping Pong
This House of Commons Library briefing paper provides information on amendments made to the Housing and Planning Bill 2015-16 during its Committee, Report and Third Reading stages in the House of Lords. The paper has been updated to include further consideration of the Bill by the Commons and Lords (Ping Pong).
30.03.2016Permitted Development Rights
Permitted development rights allow changes to be made to buildings and use of land without needing planning permission. New permitted development rights are being introduced to allow for petroleum exploration and for taller mobile phone masts. There is also a review of permitted development rights in rural areas. These are set out further in this paper.
30.03.2016Planning: change of use
The planning use class system along with permitted development rights allow the change of use of buildings without the need for planning permission. This paper sets out some recent and proposed Government changes to the system.
17.03.2016Enterprise Zones
The Government has announced the location of 44 Enterprise Zones in England, with plans for a further 4. Businesses in these small areas will benefit from tax and planning concessions and superfast broadband.
29.02.2016Planning and flood risk
Government planning policy on flood risk and development, particularly for housing, has been called into question following recent flood events. Find out what the planning policy is, the Government's position and the comments on it in the Library briefing paper.
20.01.2016Comparison of the planning systems in the four UK countries: 2016 update
The differences between the way that planning legislation and policy operate in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland has changed rapidly over recent years. Find out what's changed recently and on forthcoming changes in a January 2016 updated version of this paper.
14.01.2016The Energy Bill 2015-16: Background and changes in the Lords
The Energy Bill 2015-16 has been debated and Amended in the House of Lords. This paper provides a summary of those changes along with relevant background information for its debate in the House of Commons.
05.01.2016Green Belt
Government's policy on the green belt protection is set out in the National Planning Policy Framework and associated guidance. This note sets out further information on thes size of the green belt alongside recent and proposed policy changes in England.
04.01.2016Gypsies and travellers: planning provisions
Gypsies and travellers have thier own specific section of Government planning policy. The Government has made a number of changes to this designed to strengthen enforcement powers, to change the definition of a traveller for planning purposes, and to give greater protection to green belt areas. This note sets out these issues in more detail.
29.12.2015Housing and Planning Bill: Report on Committee Stage
This House of Commons Library Briefing Paper provides information on the Housing and Planning Bill's progress in Public Bill Committee. The paper summarises Government amendments to the Bill and discussion on the Opposition's attempts to amend the Bill.
21.12.2015Assets of community value
This note briefly discusses the 'community right to bid' for 'assets of community value', introduced by the Localism Act 2011. Councils must maintain a list of 'community assets', nominated by community groups. If the asset is sold, the group will be given time to come up with a bid. The note discusses the workings of the scheme and related options with regard to community land and buildings.
16.12.2015Solar farms: funding, planning and impacts
This Commons Library Briefing paper sets out recent policy updates and issues related to funding, the planning process and agricultural issues for solar farm developments.
22.10.2015Housing and Planning Bill 2015-16
This Commons Library briefing paper provides background and comment on the Housing and Planning Bill 2015-16. The Bill was presented on 13 October 2015 and is scheduled to receive its Second Reading on 2 November 2015.
19.08.2015Planning Appeals
This note provides information about planning appeals; what can be appealed, who can appeal and other routes of address for people unhappy with planning decisions.
19.03.2015The Parties' housing policy commitments 2015
This note collates public commitments made on housing policy by the Conservatives, Labour, the Liberal Democrats, UKIP and the Green Party ahead of the publication of the parties' 2015 election manifestos.
20.01.2015Infrastructure Bill: Planning Provisions
The Infrastructure Bill 2014-15 would make changes to the planning system: to change the process of development consent for nationally significant infrastructure projects, and to allow certain types of planning conditions to be regarded as discharged if a local planning authority took too long to determine an official application to discharge them. This note sets out these provisions and comment on them in more detail.
31.12.2014Garden Cities
New garden cities have been proposed as one way to meet the housing shortfall. A new garden city has been proposed at Ebbsfleet and the Government has published a prospectus detailing Government support for new garden city proposals. A number of studies propose different models for delivering garden cities. This note sets out what has been proposed so far for new garden cities in the future.
04.12.2014Infrastructure Bill [HL]
This is a 'portmanteau' bill, covering a number of separate but related areas.
22.04.2014High Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Bill 2013-14
This paper has been prepared for the House of Commons Second Reading stage of the High Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Bill, scheduled for 28 April.
26.02.2014Community Infrastructure Levy
This note covers the method of financing infrastructure called Community Infrastructure Levy.
30.12.2013Houses in multiple occupation & planning restrictions
This House of Commons Library briefing paper explains the powers local authorities have via the planning system to limit the development of new houses in multiple occupation (HMOs).
16.07.2013Enforcement of planning law
This note covers planning authorities' powers to enforce planning law, including development undertaken without planning consent
19.06.2013Comparison of the planning systems in the four UK countries
This paper has been prepared as an initiative of the Inter-Parliamentary Research and Information Network (IPRIN) with contributions from research staff working for each of the four UK legislatures.
13.12.2012Growth and Infrastructure Bill: Committee Stage Report
This is a report on the House of Commons Committee Stage of the Growth and Infrastructure Bill. It complements Research Paper 12/61 prepared for Commons Second Reading
01.11.2012Growth and Infrastructure Bill
The Growth and Infrastructure Bill seeks to reduce delays in the planning system and to facilitate new development, through various means. It would allow planning obligations (section 106 agreements) relating to affordable housing to be renegotiated. To promote economic growth, it makes provision for a planned revaluation of business rates in England to be postponed and to create a new employment status of employee owner. Its second reading date has been moved from 30 October to 5 November 2012.
03.10.2012Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill: Committee Stage Report
This is a report on the Public Bill Committee Stage of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill. It is designed to complement the Research Paper Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill (RP 12/33), which covers in more detail the background to the Bill
17.07.2012Wind Farm consents - offshore
13.07.2012Planning for Constituency Cases
This note aims to assist MP's staff in replying to constiteuncy planning questions
07.06.2012Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill
The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill introduces reforms in a number of areas.
08.05.2012London planning
London planning. By Christopher Barclay. SN/SC/1416.
05.04.2012Publicity for planning application
This note describes the statutory publicity requirements before a planning application can be determined.
30.03.2012National Planning Policy Framework
The Government published the final version of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPFF) on 27 March 2012. It replaced almost all planning guidance immediately, although planning authorities have twelve months in which to get their plans adopted.
27.03.2012Business run from home
This note explains the circumstances in which businesses run from home require planning consent
06.01.2012Do councillors have to follow the advice of officers in taking planning decisions?
This note considers if councillors on a planning committee have to follow recommendations by planning officers or risk losing an appeal
05.01.2012Councillors and planning applications
This note covers rules for local authority councillors who determine planning applications
16.09.2011Localism Bill: Planning
This note highlights some important issues in the planning part of the Localism Bill as it completed its Commons stages and went to the House of Lords.
13.07.2011Energy from waste and incineration
This note looks at the role of energy from waste and incineration.
12.04.2011Localism Bill: Committee Stage Report
This paper covers the Commons Committee Stage of the Bill, and complements Research Papers 11/02 and 11/03, prepared for Second Reading. The Bill covers a wide range of topics in local government, planning, housing and the governance of London. It was not substantially amended in Committee, although there were some minor technical Government amendments. However, at several points, Ministers agreed to look again at certain issues and consider whether to introduce amendments at Report Stage.
25.01.2011Planning: Uncompleted Development and Derelict Sites
This note describes the options for local authority intervention if a development has been left unfinished.
11.01.2011Localism Bill: Planning and Housing
This paper covers three parts of the Bill: Part 5 of the Bill will abolish regional planning, introduce a neighbourhood planning regime and abolish the Infrastructure Planning Commission. Part 6 of the Bill will make significant changes to the way in which social housing is provided and will also repeal the legislation governing the provision of Home Information Packs (HIPs). This Part includes provisions that will enable the long awaited reform of council housing finance. Part 7 of the Bill will make changes to housing and regeneration functions in London. It will abolish the London Development Agency and introduce a regime for Mayoral Development Corporations. Changes to Greater London Authority governance will allow the delegation of functions by Ministers to the Mayor.
24.09.2010Compulsory purchase and compensation
This note gives a brief overview of some of the main rules relating to compulsory purchase and the calculation of compensation
21.06.2010Human Rights Act and planning
This note discusses how the European Convention on Human Rights affects UK planning law
24.05.2010Planning under the Labour Government
14.04.2010Transport and Works Act 1992
This Note explains why the TWA was introduced and how it works.
10.02.2010Green belt - sales of small plots
This note covers green belt sales of small plots without planning consent to those who hope that the planning designation will one day be changed
16.04.2009Planning application by local authority
This note covers issues arising when a local authority grants planning permission to itself
07.03.2008Planning Bill: Committee Stage Report
(Bill 71 of 2007-08)
06.12.2007Planning Bill
31.01.2007The Land Use (Gardens Protection etc) Bill