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Content published before December 2016

This page highlights some of the current parliamentary material available on personal injury. This includes select committee reports, briefing papers on current legislation and other subjects produced by the parliamentary research services, and the latest Early Day Motions put down by MPs.

Commons Briefing Papers

10.11.2016Road accident casualties in Great Britain: Social Indicators page
A summary of reported road accident casualty statistics.
08.09.2016Referral fees in personal injury cases
The Commons Library has published a briefing paper which deals with the treatment of the payment or receipt of referral fees in personal injury cases in England and Wales and in Scotland.
11.08.2016Legal claims for pleural plaques
This Commons Library briefing explains why those in England and Wales with pleural plaques are not entitled to compensation whilst in Scotland and Northern Ireland those with the condition are able to claim damages.
31.05.2016No win, no fee funding arrangements
This Commons Library briefing paper looks at 'no win, no fee' funding arrangements in the UK. Following the withdrawal of civil legal aid, many litigants are reliant on such arrangements for access to justice. Unable to afford lawyers' fees, they enter into agreements whereby they will not pay their lawyers should they lose but must pay an extra success fee in the event that they are successful.
12.05.2016Legal help: where to go and how to pay
This note provides information about where to seek legal help and advice
03.05.2016Small claims
The Commons Library has published a briefing paper which considers the current financial limits for claims in the small claims track and previous and current proposals to increase them.
10.02.2015Mesothelioma: civil court claims
This note provides an overview of civil court claims for mesothelioma.
18.11.2013Mesothelioma Bill
The Bill provides the legislative framework for a new Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme to make payments to people with diffuse mesothelioma who were exposed to asbestos either negligently or in breach of statutory duty by an employer, and who are unable to bring a claim for damages against the employer or an Employers' Liability (EL) insurer.
19.01.2012Focus on road casualties: Social Indicators article
A summary of trends in road casualties and breath tests to 2010.
04.08.2010Pleural plaques - the Government's response

Early Day Motions

That this House welcomes the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims to be held on 15 November 2009; notes this year's theme is From Global Remembrance to Global Action, with ...
That this House is concerned that people who have been injured through no fault of their own are being subjected to high pressure tactics from some insurance companies; notes that such ...
That this House recognises the chronic condition known as Miner's Knee, affecting thousands of miners; expresses concern that sufferers experience pain, swelling, clicking and locking ...
That this House congratulates the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (Usdaw) on its groundbreaking Freedom from Fear campaign, which seeks to prevent violence, threats and ...
That this House is alarmed at the Government's proposed repeal of Regulation 4(4) of the Employers' Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Regulation 1998; highlights that this move has been ...


  • Commons Briefing Papers (CBP) Papers providing in-depth and impartial analysis on every major piece of primary legislation and on other topics of public and parliamentary concern. Regular statistics papers are also published.
  • Early Day Motions (EDMs) - formal motions submitted by MPs in the House of Commons
  • POSTnotes (POST PN) - proactive four-page policy briefings from the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology based on reviews of the research literature, interviews with stakeholders and peer review, commissioned by the POST Board
  • Lords Library Notes (LLN) - authored publications by the research section of the House of Lords Library that provide analysis of Bills, subjects for debate in the House and other issues of interest to Members.
  • Select Committee Reports - papers produced by all select committees of both Houses