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07.10.2016House prices (UK): Social Indicators page
The average UK property price increased from 200,141 to 216,750 in the year to 1 July 2016, an 8.3% increase.
03.10.2016Foreign Investment in UK Residential Property
This short House of Commons Library briefing paper considers the extent to which foreign ownership of residential property should be considered an issue for the UK housing market.
20.09.2016Land Registry Privatisation
This House of Commons Library Briefing Paper provides an overview of the role and functions of the Land Registry, and historical reviews of its operating model. The Government has consulted on proposals to move Land Registry operations to the private sector, and is currently analysing the consultation responses. The paper outlines the debate for and against privatisation of the Land Registry.
15.09.2016Gazumping - a comparison of the English and Scottish conveyancing systems
Constituents who have been 'gazumped' frequently ask why the Government does not act to make gazumping illegal in England and Wales. Specifically, they ask why the Government does not introduce the Scottish system of conveyancing. This note provides an overview and comparison of the two systems of conveyancing. The current Government announced plans in the Marchs 2016 Budget to review the process with a view to making it "better value for money and more consumer friendly."
23.08.2016New-build housing: construction defects - issues and solutions (England)
This House of Commons Library briefing paper considers the existing building control regime and customers' means of redress when faced with defects in newly built housing. It summarises the findings of the APPG's 2016 inquiry and recommended actions.
28.07.2016Housing options for serving and ex-military personnel
This House of Commons Library Briefing Paper outlines the housing options open to serving and ex-military personnel, it does not cover service accommodation provided by the Ministry of Defence.
21.07.2016Extending a voluntary Right to Buy to housing association tenants (England)
This House of Commons Library briefing explains proposals to extend the Right to Buy to assured tenants of housing associations on a voluntary basis. No implementation date has been announced although a pilot scheme with five associations is underway.
20.07.2016Stamp duty land tax on residential property
This Commons Library paper discusses the reforms to taxation of sales of residential property that have been made over the past two years, before looking at earlier debates about the way house sales have been taxed.
13.07.2016Sources of Statistics: Housing
This introductory guide provides sources of statistics on housing.
13.07.2016Comparing the Right to Buy in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
This House of Commons Library briefing paper provides a comparison of Right to Buy policies in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
05.07.2016Starter Homes for First-Time Buyers (England)
This House of Commons Library briefing paper considers the Government's aim of delivering 200,000 starter homes by 2020 for first-time buyers under the age of 40. The homes will be sold at a discount of 20% off the market price. The starter home initiative only applies in England.
17.06.2016Commons Library analysis: Shining a light on beneficial ownership: what's happening in the UK and elsewhere?
This Commons Library briefing describes measures being taken in the UK and elsewhere to make ownership of companies, land and real property more transparent.
11.05.2016Housing and Planning Bill: Lords amendments and Ping Pong
This House of Commons Library briefing paper provides information on amendments made to the Housing and Planning Bill 2015-16 during its Committee, Report and Third Reading stages in the House of Lords. The paper has been updated to include further consideration of the Bill by the Commons and Lords (Ping Pong).
05.05.2016Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI) scheme
This Commons Library briefing paper explains the assistance available for certain households with their mortgage interest payments. Help with mortgage costs is available to claimants of certain means-tested benefits for people not in full-time work. The schemes are collectively known as Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI). Payments are made towards mortgage interest payments and are generally made direct to lenders.
26.03.2016Extending home ownership: Government initiatives
This House of Commons Library Briefing Paper describes the specific Government initiatives which have been developed in order to assist first time buyers into home ownership and, in some cases, to help existing owners who are seeking to move. The paper includes some comment on these schemes.
23.03.2016Leasehold retirement homes: exit/event fees
This House of Commons Library briefing paper explains action taken by the Office of Fair Trading and the Law Commission to investigate the fees charged by managing agents or freeholders when a leasehold owner of a retirement flat wants to sell or rent out their home. These fees are often referred to as 'exit' or 'event' fees.
04.03.2016Long leaseholders: building insurance requirements
This House of Commons Library briefing paper explains long leaseholders' rights in relation to buildings insurance and summarises a Westminster Hall debate on the issue (October 2014) and the findings of a study carried out by the Competition and Markets Authority, also in 2014.
04.01.2016Mobile (park) homes
This Commons Library Briefing Paper provides an overview of the the rights of residents who live year-round on mobile home parks. The main focus of the paper is on mobile home owners in England but sections on Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are included.
04.01.2016Mobile Homes Act 2013
This Commons Library Briefing paper provides background to, and explains the provisions in, the Mobile Homes Act 2013. The Act is aimed at improving conditions on permanent mobile home sites and strengthening the rights of mobile home owners on these sites.
29.12.2015Housing and Planning Bill: Report on Committee Stage
This House of Commons Library Briefing Paper provides information on the Housing and Planning Bill's progress in Public Bill Committee. The paper summarises Government amendments to the Bill and discussion on the Opposition's attempts to amend the Bill.
09.12.2015Housing an Ageing Population (England)
This House of Commons Library briefing paper discusses the challenges around providing housing for older people in the midst of both a growing population and a still recovering housing market. It covers issues around housing stock; adaptations; retirement housing and asset release.
02.11.2015Leaseholders in social housing: paying for major works (England)
An explanation of the assistance available to assist long leaseholders of social landlords in paying for major works. In August 2014 the Coalition Government introduced a cap on the amount that can be recovered from these long leaseholders where the work has been carried out with funding from central Government. The cap has been referred to as "Florrie's law."
22.10.2015Housing and Planning Bill 2015-16
This Commons Library briefing paper provides background and comment on the Housing and Planning Bill 2015-16. The Bill was presented on 13 October 2015 and is scheduled to receive its Second Reading on 2 November 2015.
25.09.20152014 Consultation on Starter Homes for Young First-Time Buyers
This research briefing provides detail on the Starter Homes scheme, launched in February 2015 and aimed exclusively at first-time buyers under 40 years of age. It covers the scheme's background as well as the consultation process it undertook in December 2014 along with the Government's response. Finally, it provides a summary of progress on the scheme to date.
16.07.2015Welfare Reform and Work Bill [Bill 51 of 2015-16]
This House of Commons Briefing Paper provides background to the Welfare Reform and Work Bill's provisions; summarises the key measures; and includes relevant comment. The Bill is scheduled to receive its Second Reading on 20 July 2015.
17.06.2015Mobile (park homes): 10% commission on sales
This House of Commons Library Briefing Paper explains the requirement to pay 10% commission on the sale price of a mobile home to the site owner and provides information on various reviews of that requirement. Mobile home owners regard the charge as "unfair and out of date."
16.06.2015Anti-social behaviour in private housing (England)
This note outlines the legal position and potential remedies available where people find themselves living next door to tenants of private landlords or owner-occupiers who exhibit anti-social behaviour.
15.06.2015The Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015
This Act builds on existing Government initiatives, particularly the proposed 'Right to Build', with the aim of increasing the number of self/custom built properties in England. This note explains the Act's provisions.
15.06.2015Self-build and custom build housing (England)
This note describes various initiatives aimed at growing the self-build and custom build housing sectors. Both self-build and custom build provide routes into home ownership for individuals and groups who want to play a role in developing their own homes.
09.06.2015Endowment mortgages
The endowment mortgage mis-selling scandal was the first and largest financial scandal of this century. It shaped both the new regualtor and the then new office of Financial Ombudsman.
27.03.2015The regulation of private sector letting and managing agents (England)
There is no overarching statutory regulation of private sector letting or managing agents in England but since 1 October 2014 they have been required to be members of an approved redress scheme. This note considers evidence and issues around the regulation of private sector letting and managing agents.
10.03.2015Constituency casework: housing (England)
This note provides a guide to reliable sources of information (including other House of Commons Library briefings) for answering common constituents' housing problems.
30.12.2014The Affordable Homes Bill 2014-15
This note provides background information on the Bill's provisions and summarises the content of the Bill. The Bill's Committee Stage was adjourned on 29 October 2014 as a money resolution must be passed in order for it to progress any further.
23.06.2014Incentivising the Right to Buy
In October 2011 the Prime Minister said he wanted to 'raise Right to Buy discounts to a level which will make the scheme attractive again and rejuvenate the housing stock.' This note summarises various changes to the Right to Buy (RTB) in England and reactions to those changes.
12.02.2014Housing association tenants: right to buy
Most housing association tenants do not have the right to buy their home. This note explains the position and outlines some alternative options.
09.01.2014Mortgage Arrears and Repossessions
This note explains Government measures to assist people who are struggling to meet their mortgage commitments.
23.12.2013Leasehold Reform (Amendment) Bill 2013-14
The aim of this Private Member's Bill is to assist long leaseholders of flats who are unable to sign the legal notices necessary to trigger an individual lease renewal or the collective enfranchisement process. This note provides background to the Bill and its purpose.
24.10.2012Squatting in residential premises
Squatting. By Wendy Wilson. SN/SP/355. This note outlines the legal remedies available to evict squatters from residential premises.
29.05.2012Regional house prices: affordability and income ratios
In 2011 the ratio of lower quartile house price to lower quartile earnings in England was 6.5. The highest ratios are found in London (9.0), the South East (8.2) and the South West (7.8).
03.06.2011The economic crisis: policy responses
This note brings together the various elements of Government action to deal with the current economic crisis
16.05.2011Housing: construction defects
Housing: construction defects. By Wendy Wilson. SN/SP/2030. This note outlines assistance available for owners of homes that are of a defective construction type.
04.04.2011Assistance to improve/repair private sector housing
This note describes the powers authorities have to provide assistance to residents/owners in private sector housing.
05.01.2011Support for Mortgage Interest: the standard rate from 1 October 2010 (archived)
This Commons Library briefing paper has been archived as it no longer offers up-to-date information. However, we have published other papers which may be of interest.
10.11.2010Home Information Packs: a short history
This paper provides background information on the introduction of HIPs and a chronology of key developments during their long implementation period up to their suspension in May 2010.
07.04.2010Commencement of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002
Commencement of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002. By Wendy Wilson. SN/SP/2240.
22.02.2010Mortgage Repossessions (Protection of Tenants Etc.) Bill: Committee Stage Report
This paper summarises the House of Commons Committee Stage of the Bill. In July 2009 the Government announced that it would legislate to ensure that tenants are given adequate notice to vacate their property if their landlord defaults on their mortgage. Over the summer of 2009, the Government consulted on legislative options to achieve this. On 3 December 2009, Dr Brian Iddon announced that he would introduce a Private Members' Bill to protect private tenants whose landlords default on their mortgage. The Bill has Government support.
25.01.2010Mortgage Repossessions (Protection of Tenants Etc.) Bill Bill 15 of 2009/10
The main purpose of the Bill is to offer protection to tenants of rental properties whose landlord has both defaulted on his mortgage and not notified his lender that the property was being let (an 'unauthorised tenancy'). The Bill gives courts power to postpone the delivery of a possession order, and to stay or suspend the execution of an existing possession order. It also ensures the tenant is given notice of a possession order before its execution.
03.12.2008Means-tested benefits: help with mortgage costs (archived)
This Commons Library briefing paper has been archived as it no longer offers up-to-date information. However, we have published other papers which may be of interest.
16.10.2007Shared appreciation mortgages
Shared appreciation mortgages, their problems and uses; and help for constituents.
18.08.2006Affordable housing in England
05.01.2004Housing Bill (Bill 11 2003/04)
Housing Bill (Bill 11 2003/04). House of Commons Library Research Paper 04/02.
14.12.2001Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Bill (HL) (Bill 51 of 2001-02)
Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Bill (HL) (Bill 51 of 2001/02). House of Commons Library Research Paper 01/115
21.11.2001Land Registration Bill (HL) (Bill 48 of 2001-02)
Land Registration Bill (HL) (Bill 48 of 2001/02). House of Commons Library Research Paper 01/103
20.12.2000Homes Bill (Bill 5 2000/01)
The Homes Bill (Bill 5 of 2000/01). House of Commons Library Research Paper 00/98.