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15.09.2016New nuclear power
The Government has decided to proceed with Hinkley Point C, the first new nuclear power station for a generation. However, ministers will impose a new legal framework for future foreign investment in Britain's critical infrastructure, which will include nuclear energy and apply after Hinkley.
14.07.2016Commons Library Analysis: UK Fifth Carbon Budget
The Government has to set the UK Fifth Carbon Budget for 2028-2032 and decide whether to follow the advice from the Committee on Climate Change. The draft Carbon Budget Order 2016 is to be considered by the 3rd Delegated Legislation Committee on 18 July 2016.
13.07.2016Sources of Statistics: Energy
This introductory guide provides sources of statistics on energy in the UK.
24.06.2016Energy Policy Overview
This note provides an overview of the current Government's energy policy.
14.05.2014Carbon Price Floor
Details of the Carbon Floor Price and the Government's announcement to freeze prices until 2020
16.12.2013Germany's 2013 election: shaping the future?
Where is Germany - the most influential country in Europe - heading, under its new grand coalition government?
24.10.2013Nuclear power
On 21 October the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change announced that agreement had been reached with EDF to build the UK's first new nuclear power station since Sizewell B was commissioned in 1995.
09.09.2013Nuclear energy statistics
The UK had the first civilian nuclear power station in the world and increased its nuclear output for most of the latter half of the twentieth century. The last nuclear power station to be built in the UK started operating in 1995. Since then output has fallen as some older power stations have been decommissioned. The UK now has among the lowest share of generation from nuclear of all countries with nuclear power. Some aging nuclear power stations have had their operating life extended, but the majority are due to close over the next decade. No new nuclear capacity is due to come online until around 2020. One consequence of being a pioneer of civil nuclear power is large ongoing financial liability for decommissioning old power stations and managing nuclear waste.
24.06.2013Thorium energy
Thorium is an element which, with the right technology, can be used as a fuel for nuclear power. It is claimed to have a range of advantages over uranium including greater abundance, lower radiotoxicity waste, safer operation and weapons proliferation resistance - although some of these are disputed.
30.05.2013Energy Bill 2013 - update for Report stage
The current Energy Bill now has its Report Stage scheduled, for 3 June 2013. This note provides an update to some of the more controversial areas, and to previous Library research briefings on the Bill.
12.03.2013Energy Bill: Committee Stage Report
This paper complements Library Research Paper 12/79 on the Energy Bill 2012-13. It covers the Bill's Second Reading and Committee Stages. The Bill seeks to implement electricity market reform and introduces 'contracts for difference' to support all forms of low carbon generation, including nuclear. Government amendments made during Committee Stage related to cheaper energy tariffs and setting a decarbonisation target.
01.02.2013Nuclear test veterans - compensation
A group of 1,011 services veterans and civilians from the UK, Fiji and New Zealand have attempted to obtain a compensation hearing against the Ministry of Defence relating to alleged illnesses caused by exposure to radiation in nuclear weapons tests during the 1950s. However, in March 2012 the Supreme Court ruled against the Atomic Veterans' case proceeding and the Government says it has no plans to pay compensation.
13.12.2012Energy Bill
The Energy Bill [Bill 100 of 2012-13] seeks to implement 'electricity market reform' and through this achieve 'secure, clean and affordable' electricity supplies. The Bill was introduced to the Commons on 29 November 2012 and will have its Second Reading debate on 19 December 2012. A draft Bill was subject to pre-legislative scrutiny by the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee.
03.01.2012North Korea's dynastic succession
This note briefly surveys the final month's of Kim Jong-Il's rule in North Korea and, following his death on 17 December 2011, the rise of his youngest son, Kim Jong-Un, to power.
06.09.2011Energy Bill [HL]: Committee Stage Report
This is a report on the House of Commons Committee Stage of the Energy Bill. It complements Library Research Paper 11/36 (Energy Bill) prepared for the Commons Second Reading.
21.06.2011EU energy policy 2010 and after
This note outlines the development of EU energy policy since the Coalition Government first represented the UK at negotiations.
26.04.2011Japanese quake: nuclear power
This note sets out official information from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) about the nuclear power plants in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami, 11 March 2011, with comments about what is happening and why.
23.04.2008Energy Bill: Committee Stage Report
[Bill 79 of 2007-08]
16.01.2008Energy Bill
Energy Bill. (Bill 53 of 2007-08). House of Commons Library Research Paper 08/05.
09.08.2007The Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill Bill 130 of 2006-07
09.05.2007Energy Security
Energy Security. House of Commons Library Research Paper 07/42.
06.05.2004Energy Bill (HL) (Bill 93 2003/04);Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (Bill 93 2003/04)
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: Part 2 of the Energy Bill (HL) (Bill 93 2003/04). House of Commons Library Research Paper 04/37.