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27.05.2016Should Fire and Rescue Services have a statutory duty to deal with flooding?
The Fire Brigades Union is campaigning for a statutory duty for firefighters to attend floods. There is an online petition, and the issue has been debated in Parliament. This Briefing Paper sets out the background and the arguments.
22.04.2016Policing and Crime Bill: Committee Stage Report
The Policing and Crime Bill is due to have its report stage and Legislative Grand Committee on 26 April 2016. This Briefing Paper provides an overview of the debate so far.
02.03.2016Commons Library analysis: Policing and Crime Bill 2015-16
The Policing and Crime Bill 2015-16 has its second reading on 7 March 2016. It includes provisions covering collaboration between police and fire services; reforms to the police complaints and discipline systems; new safeguards for pre-charge bail; powers for police staff and volunteers; and changes to firearms law. This briefing analyses the Bill and the policy background, and provides some relevant comment.
15.02.2016Fire services funding in England
This briefing paper sets out the structure of fire and rescue authorities in England, details the sources of their funding and the cuts since 2010, summarises the reports of Sir Ken Knight and the NAO and discusses reaction to the proposal for much greater collaboration between fire and police services.
05.02.2016Police and fire reform 2016
The Government plans to legislate to enable closer working between police and fire services in England. This paper gives background and summarises the proposals and reactions to them.
03.02.2015Firefighters pension schemes - current reforms
Looks at the current debate on reforms to firefighters' pensions
15.08.2013Firefighters Pension Schemes -background
This note covers the development of the Firefighters' Pension Schemes and current reform issues
29.05.2013'Public Service Mutuals' and the Fire Service
This note examines the controversy over reports that Cleveland Fire Brigade is proposing becoming a "Public Service Mutual", with Government support.
14.07.2010FiReControl and the Regionalisation of the Fire Service
The FiReControl project, involving the closure of local fire control rooms and the establishment of 9 regional control rooms, has been highly controversial. This note covers the background to the reform and recent developments.
14.05.2009Sprinkler systems in schools
This note provides statistics on the number of fires in schools, and the costs and benefits of sprinkler system installation. It also looks at current regulation governing sprinkler systems in schools.
09.03.2009Working Time Opt Out: Retained Firefighters
This note looks at the recent developments at EU level which may see the abolition of the opt-out provisions in the Working Time rules in respect of the 48 hour working week.
22.01.2004Fire and Rescue Services Bill (Bill 38 2003/04)
Fire and Rescue Services Bill (Bill 38 of 2003/04). House of Commons Library Research Paper 04/09.
07.05.2003Fire Services Bill (Bill 81 of 2002/03)
Fire Services Bill. (Bill 81 of 2002/03). House of Commons Library Research Paper 03/42.