Falkland Islands

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Content published before December 2016

This page highlights some of the current parliamentary material available on the Falkland Islands. This includes select committee reports, briefing papers on current legislation and other subjects produced by the parliamentary research services, and the latest Early Day Motions put down by MPs.

Commons Briefing Papers

08.02.2012The Defence of the Falkland Islands
This note looks at the UK defence presence in the Falkland Islands and reviews the current debate about whether the Islands are adequately defended in the event of future aggression.
27.01.2012Argentina and the Falkland Islands
This Note looks at the last two governments in Argentina under Nestor Kirchner and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who have pursued the Argentinean claim to sovereignty of the Falkland Islands.
21.03.2007The Falkland Islands: Twenty Five Years On
The Falkland Islands: twenty five years on. House of Commons Library Research paper 07/29.

Lords Library Notes

27.11.2015United Kingdom's Role in Supporting International Security and Stability
This Library Note has been prepared in advance of the debate in the House of Lords on 3 December 2015: "that this House takes note of the United Kingdom's role in supporting international security and stability in the light of the Strategic Defence and Security Review".

Early Day Motions

That this House recognises the bravery of Flight Lieutenant Wales as air and sea rescue pilot and his fellow service personnel in their posting to the Falkland Islands; thanks them, ...
That this House notes that this year marks the 29th anniversary of the Falkland Islands conflict and the liberation of the Islands on 14 June 1982 by the forces of Her Majesty the Queen; ...
That this House notes that this year marks the 28th anniversary of the Falkland Islands conflict; recalls the magnificent sacrifices made by Her Majesty's armed forces in heroically ...
That this House reaffirms its commitment to the right of self-determination for the people of the Falkland Islands.
That this House deprecates the US administration for its lack of support for the position of the Government regarding the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands; notes Secretary of State ...


  • Commons Briefing Papers (CBP) Papers providing in-depth and impartial analysis on every major piece of primary legislation and on other topics of public and parliamentary concern. Regular statistics papers are also published.
  • Early Day Motions (EDMs) - formal motions submitted by MPs in the House of Commons
  • POSTnotes (POST PN) - proactive four-page policy briefings from the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology based on reviews of the research literature, interviews with stakeholders and peer review, commissioned by the POST Board
  • Lords Library Notes (LLN) - authored publications by the research section of the House of Lords Library that provide analysis of Bills, subjects for debate in the House and other issues of interest to Members.
  • Select Committee Reports - papers produced by all select committees of both Houses