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  • This page highlights some of the current parliamentary material available on the emergency services. This includes select committee reports, briefing papers on current legislation and other subjects produced by the parliamentary research services, and the latest Early Day Motions put down by MPs.

    Commons Briefing Papers

    22.04.2016Policing and Crime Bill: Committee Stage Report
    The Policing and Crime Bill is due to have its report stage and Legislative Grand Committee on 26 April 2016. This Briefing Paper provides an overview of the debate so far.
    02.03.2016Commons Library analysis: Policing and Crime Bill 2015-16
    The Policing and Crime Bill 2015-16 has its second reading on 7 March 2016. It includes provisions covering collaboration between police and fire services; reforms to the police complaints and discipline systems; new safeguards for pre-charge bail; powers for police staff and volunteers; and changes to firearms law. This briefing analyses the Bill and the policy background, and provides some relevant comment.
    02.03.2016NHS Wales Statistics
    How does the NHS perform in Wales? Key statistics and trends on hospital attendance and waiting lists, accident and emergency waiting times, ambulance quality, waiting times for diagnostic tests, cancer waiting times, staff numbers, delayed transfers of care, bed occupancy and expenditure.
    26.02.2016Police funding
    The existing police funding arrangements have been criticised as being complex and lacking transparency. In 2015 the Government consulted on proposals for reform of police funding in England and Wales. These reforms have been delayed. This briefing looks at existing arrangements for police funding in all parts of the UK and explains the proposed new funding formula for England and Wales.
    15.02.2016Fire services funding in England
    This briefing paper sets out the structure of fire and rescue authorities in England, details the sources of their funding and the cuts since 2010, summarises the reports of Sir Ken Knight and the NAO and discusses reaction to the proposal for much greater collaboration between fire and police services.
    05.02.2016Police and fire reform 2016
    The Government plans to legislate to enable closer working between police and fire services in England. This paper gives background and summarises the proposals and reactions to them.
    11.12.2015Armed Forces Bill 2015-16
    The five-yearly Armed Forces Bill provides the legal basis for the UK's armed forces and its system of military law.
    17.07.2015Accident and Emergency Statistics
    What statistics are available on Accident & Emergency facilities in the UK and what do they show? This note provides summaries and visualisations of a wide range of NHS A&E trends, including: levels of attendance over time; attendance by age, and various measures of waiting times.
    19.02.2015Cancer: Waiting Times for Diagnosis and Treatment
    How long do patients wait for cancer diagnosis and treatment? This note outlines NHS performance trends relating to cancer testing, treatment and care. In 2014 there were 1.5m urgent GP referrals with suspected cancer. This is 53% higher than in 2010. 272,000 patients began treatment for cancer, up 12% on 2010. Of these, 129,000 had previously been urgently referred by their GP, up 25% on 2010.
    29.05.2013'Public Service Mutuals' and the Fire Service
    This note examines the controversy over reports that Cleveland Fire Brigade is proposing becoming a "Public Service Mutual", with Government support.

    Lords Library Notes

    05.07.2016Policing and Crime Bill: Briefing for Lords Stages
    This House of Lords Library briefing provides an overview of the provisions of the Policing and Crime Bill. It focuses on the provisions of the Bill which concern the emergency services; the police complaints and disciplinary systems; the police workforce; police powers; and the protection of children and vulnerable adults. It outlines the policy background in those areas, and a summary of some of the key amendments made to the Bill during committee and report stages in the House of Commons.

    Select Committee Reports

    09.02.2009New Dimension: enhancing the Fire and Rescue Services' capacity to respond to terrorist and other large-scale...
    Public Accounts Committee report [Commons]

    Early Day Motions

    That this House deplores the decision of the Secretary of State for Transport and the Shipping Minister to recommend the closure of the Swansea Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre ...
    That this House congratulates the Save Swansea Coastguard Campaign, established to oppose the Government's recommendation to close Swansea Maritime Rescue Centre at Mumbles, for its ...
    That this House welcomes home the West Midlands Fire Service International Search and Rescue team from their relief mission in northern Japan; applauds their bravery and skill in such ...
    That this House applauds the contribution made by West Midlands Fire Service personnel deployed as part of the United Kingdom International Search and Rescue response following the ...
    That this House recognises the intrinsic value of the Air and Sea Rescue Service; expresses grave concern at the proposals to privatise the service under the Private Finance Initiative ...


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