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05.09.2016Electoral fraud since 2010
Sir Eric Pickles, the Government's Anti-Corruption Champion, has carried out a review of electoral fraud and has made fifty recommendations on what could be done to tackle the problem.This Briefing Paper provides information about electoral fraud since 2010 and includes details of the reports published by the Electoral Commission and the Associations of Chief Police Officers on cases of alleged electoral malpractice.
24.02.2016Individual Electoral Registration
This Commons Briefing Paper provides information about the introduction of the new system of electoral registration (IER) in Great Britain and funding both for the transition period and to support a range of initiatives to increase the level of voter registration among under-registered groups, including students. Registration in Northern Ireland has been on an individual basis since 2002.
18.11.2015Armed Forces Voting
The Armed Forces can register to vote as ordinary electors, as overseas voters, or as service voters. There has been concern about the under-registration of the Armed Forces, especially those serving overseas, and the difficulties they face in participating in the electoral process more generally.The Note also gives a brief history of how the system of voting by members of the Armed Forces has changed, particularly during the periods directly after each World War.
12.08.2014Supply and sale of the electoral register
This note examines the supply and sale of the full and edited versions of the electoral register.
16.07.2014Electoral registration: Penalties for providing false information or refusing to provide information
Details about the criminal and civil penalties that can be imposed when a person refuses to supply information to an Electoral Registration Officer, or provides the Officer with false information.
21.02.2014Elections and electoral administration: developments since 2010
This paper looks in brief at some of the developments relating to elections and electoral administration in the UK since the general election since 2010. It tracks the commitments in relation to elections contained in the Coalition Government's agreement, The Coalition: Our Programme for Government, published in May 2010. Other key developments relating to elections are outlined, for example the Law Commission's review of electoral law and proposed changes to electoral arrangements for the Northern Ireland Assembly and the National Assembly for Wales
10.07.2013Electoral Statistics 2012
This note provides data on electorates of parliamentary constituencies at December 2011. There were 46.3 million people registered to vote in UK parliamentary elections at 1 December 2012, an increase of 247,000 on December 2011.
04.02.2013Constituency boundaries: the Sixth General Review in Wales
This Note gives details of the 2013 review in Wales, its progress and the consultation process. It should be read in conjunction with Library Standard Note 6095, Initial proposals for new constituency boundaries: Wales which looks at the extent to which the proposed constituencies can be identified with existing seats and which existing constituencies will be most affected by the proposals.
31.01.2013Electoral Registration and Administration Bill 2012-13: progress of the Bill
The Electoral Registration and Administration Bill 2012-13 was introduced on 10 May 2012. The Bill makes provision for a legislative framework for the introduction of a new system of individual electoral registration (IER) under which electors will be registered individually instead of by household. This Note summarises the progress of the Bill. It supplements Research Paper 12/26 which was produced for the Bill's second reading in the House of Commons on 23 May 2012.
10.12.2012Individual electoral registration in Northern Ireland
A report by the Electoral Commission on continuous electoral registration in Northern Ireland, published in November 2012, found that there had been 'a significant and worrying decline in both the accuracy and completeness of Northern Ireland's electoral register' since 2008. The Note looks at the introduction of individual electoral registration in Northern Ireland and the abolition of the annual canvass.
17.05.2012Electoral Registration and Administration Bill
This research paper has been written to inform Members in preparation for the second reading of the Electoral Registration and Administration Bill 2012-13
04.03.2011Sizes of Constituency Electorates
The Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act contains measures to set the number of UK parliamentary constituencies at 600 and to limit the permitted variation in the number of registered electors for a constituency. This note considers the possible impact by region of the proposals in the Bill and compares the sizes of constituency electorates at 1 December 2010. It looks at the variation in electorate sizes about national and regional means and about the UK Electoral Quota as defined in the Act.
15.10.2010Social Indicators
This Research Paper summarises a wide range of social statistics. Subjects covered include crime and justice, defence, education, elections, health and population. This edition includes an article in advance of UN World Statistics Day (20.10.2010) on statistical literacy. It also includes articles entitled 'Electoral registration' and 'Public opinion of the police', and a topical subject page: 'How fair is Britain?'
26.03.2010Electorate statistics 2009
This Note provides data on the number of electors and attainers in each parliamentary constituency as at 1 December 2009, published by the Office for National Statistics on 26 February 2010.
10.03.2006General Election 2005
General Election 2005. House of Commons Library Research Paper 05/33
06.03.2006The Northern Ireland(Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill.
19.10.2005The Electoral Administration Bill 2005 - 2006
10.03.2005Electoral register
This note looks at the present registration process, its security and proposals for change to the system.
23.02.2005Electoral Registration (Northern Ireland) Bill (HL) (Bill 64 of 2004/05)
The Electoral Registration (Northern Ireland) Bill (HL). (Bill 64 of 2004/05). House of Commons Library Research Paper 05/15.
31.01.2005Registering to Vote - deadlines
This note updates one element of SN/PC/1114 Electoral Registration Changes: it provides details of the last date by which voters must register in order to be able to vote at a General Election on a given date.