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  • This page highlights some of the current parliamentary material available on drugs misuse. This includes select committee reports, briefing papers on current legislation and other subjects produced by the parliamentary research services, and the latest Early Day Motions put down by MPs. Related material is available on drugs crimes.

    Commons Briefing Papers

    09.11.2016Drug seizures and offending: Social Indicators page
    A summary of statistics on drug use, drug seizures and drug offences.
    13.07.2016Sources of Statistics: Vital Statistics (Population, Demography and Health)
    This introductory guide provides sources of statistics on Vital Statistics (population, demography and health).
    13.07.2016Sources of Statistics: Health
    This introductory guide provides sources of statistics on UK public health services.
    15.10.2015The Psychoactive Substances Bill 2015
    This briefing paper is prepared for the Second Reading of the Psychoactive Substances Bill on 19 October 2015.
    04.06.2015New Psychoactive Substances
    This briefing paper has been withdrawn. It has been replaced by the Library briefing on the Psychoactive Substance Bill 2015.
    24.03.2011Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill Committee Stage Report [Bill 151 of 2010-11]
    During the Committee stage, several Government amendments were made to the provisions on police reform. Some (for example, on police complaints, police and crime plans and disqualifying people convicted of imprisonable offences from becoming or being police and crime commissioners) were on matters of substance. By contrast, there were only minor amendments to the provisions of the misuse of drugs and no substantive amendments to the parts of the Bill covering licensing, protests in Parliament Square or universal jurisdiction.
    24.11.2005The Health Bill (excluding Part 1) Bill 69 of 2005-06
    23.02.2005Drugs (Sentencing and Commission of Inquiry) Bill (Bill 21 of 2004/05)
    The Drugs (Sentencing and Commission of Inquiry) Bill. (Bill 21 of 2004/05). House of Commons Library Research Paper 05/16.
    13.01.2005Drugs Bill (Bill 17 of 2004/05)
    The Drugs Bill (Bill 17 of 2004/05). House of Commons Library Research Paper 05/07.
    Cannabis. House of Commons Library Reasearch Paper 00/74.

    Lords Library Notes

    14.10.2013Debate on 17 October: Drugs Policy
    This Library Note provides background reading for the debate to be held on 17 October on drugs policy.
    07.04.2011Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill (HL Bill 62 of 2010-11)
    This Library Note provides background reading for the second reading debate of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill.


    09.03.2015The darknet and online anonymity
    A very small proportion of websites use sophisticated anonymity systems, which allow their operators to conceal their identity if they wish to. This part of the web is commonly referred to as the darknet. The darknet helps citizens to protect their security and privacy and to circumvent censorship. It also facilitate organised crime, such as the billion dollar drug market known as Silk Road. This POSTnote discusses the challenge of preventing such crimes without compromising the other uses of anonymity technologies.
    21.11.2013Minimising the harms of khat
    This POSTnote summarises the evidence on the impact of khat on health and possible social harms in the UK and comparable international experiences of legislation and control.
    This POSTnote examines the drug screening devices available for detecting drug drivers and options for the setting of drug limits for the new offence.
    01.06.2009Treatments for heroin and cocaine dependency, June 2009
    This note looks at the treatments currently available for heroin and cocaine dependency, assesses the prospects for new treatments, and examines the issues these raise.

    Select Committee Reports

    06.03.2012EU drugs strategy.
    European Union Select Committee (HL) report [Lords]
    21.03.2011Drink and drug driving law.
    Government response. Department for Transport report [Commons]
    24.03.2010Tackling problem drug use.
    Public Accounts Committee report [Commons]

    Early Day Motions

    That this House notes the serious harm caused by drugs; recognises the need for evidence-based policy making with a clear focus on prevention and harm-reduction; and calls on the Government ...
    That this House deeply regrets the loss of four young lives to methadone abuse in recent months in Gateshead; notes that this has occurred thanks to a loophole identified by the police ...
    20.12.2010DRUGS POLICIES
    That this House regrets that the national debate on drugs is trivialised and bedevilled by postures of party political advantage; believes that all parties accept that most Government ...
    That this House expresses its concern that the proposed changes in the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill to the membership of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs ...
    That this House is concerned at the duration of the Home Office's consultation on the Government's drug strategy 2010 published on 20 August 2010 which closes to submissions on 30 September ...


    • Commons Briefing Papers (CBP) Papers providing in-depth and impartial analysis on every major piece of primary legislation and on other topics of public and parliamentary concern. Regular statistics papers are also published.
    • Early Day Motions (EDMs) - formal motions submitted by MPs in the House of Commons
    • POSTnotes (POST PN) - proactive four-page policy briefings from the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology based on reviews of the research literature, interviews with stakeholders and peer review, commissioned by the POST Board
    • Lords Library Notes (LLN) - authored publications by the research section of the House of Lords Library that provide analysis of Bills, subjects for debate in the House and other issues of interest to Members.
    • Select Committee Reports - papers produced by all select committees of both Houses