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08.09.2016Knives and offensive weapons
This Commons Library briefing paper provides information on the two main categories of offence relating to knives and offensive weapons in England and Wales: offences relating to possession and offences relating to sale and supply. This briefing sets out the various offences and sentences which are contained in a number of pieces of legislation. It also describes police guidance on cautioning and charging and government policy on knife crime.
16.08.2016Firearm Crime Statistics: Scotland
This briefing paper examines firearm offence statistics produced by the Scottish Government Recorded Crimes and Offences Involving Firearms bulletin. The latest bulletin was published in June 2015.
13.07.2016Firearm Crime Statistics: England & Wales
This briefing paper examines firearm offence statistics produced by the Home Office Crime in England & Wales bulletin (published by the ONS).
07.06.2016Sentences of Imprisonment for Public Protection
The Coalition Government abolished the much criticised sentences of imprisonment for public protection (IPPs) in 2012. However, the change was not made retrospective, and around 4,600 prisoners were still serving IPPs in March 2015. The Justice Secretary Michael Gove has recently asked the Parole Board to develop an "improved approach".
26.05.2016A new victims' law in England and Wales?
There have been many calls for reform of the law on victims' rights in England and Wales. This Briefing Paper looks at how the Victims' Code has developed; funding and commissioning of services; and proposals for new legislation from the main parties and others.
06.05.2016Domestic violence in England and Wales
This Commons Library briefing paper looks at how domestic violence is defined, how widespread the problem is, and some of the civil and criminal remedies that are available for victims.
26.04.2016Domestic violence: a select bibliography
Domestic violence: a select bibliography.
14.04.2016Commons Library analysis: Legal aid for victims of domestic abuse
The LASPO Act 2012 reduced the scope of civil legal aid. Controversy still surrounds its provision for private family law cases where, to be eligible, people seeking legal aid must provide evidence of domestic abuse.
07.01.2016Extreme pornography: UK law
This Commons Library briefing paper looks at the law relating to the possession of extreme pornography.
12.02.2015Serious Crime Bill: Progress of the Bill
The Serious Crime Bill [HL] 2013-14 had its second reading in the Commons on 5 January 2015. Library Research Paper 14/67 Serious Crime Bill provides background on the proposals in the Bill.
21.01.2015Forced marriage
The Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 has criminalised both forced marriage and breach of a Forced Marriage Protection Order. This note gives background.
18.12.2014Serious Crime Bill
This Bill would make changes aimed to strengthen the law on the recovery of the proceeds of crime. It would make amendments to the Computer Misuse Act 1990 to update existing offences. It would also provide for a new offence of participating in the activities of an organised crime group and make changes to Serious Crime Prevention Orders and gang injunctions. The Bill would provide for the seizure and forfeiture of substances used as drug-cutting agents. It would also amend the offence of child cruelty, create a new offence relating to the possession of 'paedophile manuals' and amend the law on Female Genital Mutilation. The Bill would create a new offence of unauthorised possession of a knife or other offensive weapon in prison and confer extra-territorial jurisdiction on the courts in respect of certain terrorism offences.
27.11.2014Criminal Justice and Courts Bill - Lords Amendments
This paper is designed to provide background information for Consideration of Lords Amendments of the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill, which is due to take place on 1 December 2014
04.11.2014The August 2011 riots: a statistical summary
This article, published in October 2011, provides a summary of the Ministry of Justice statistical updates produced throughout August and September on those brought before the courts, for offences relating to this public disorder. In October 2011 more detailed statistical publications were released relating to the offences committed and offenders prosecuted.
15.04.2014Draft Modern Slavery Bill
On 16 December 2013 the Government published a White Paper which included a Draft Modern Slavery Bill. The draft Bill contains provisions to: consolidate existing offences, create new civil orders and establish and new Anti-Slavery Commissioner. The Bill will undergo pre-legislative scrutiny.
05.03.2014Combating violence against women and girls around the world
As 8 March, International Women's Day, approaches, this note briefly surveys efforts to combat violence against women and girls around the world, focusing strongly on those that involve the UK.
20.02.2014Criminal Justice and Courts Bill
The Criminal Justice and Courts Bill would make a number of changes to the criminal justice system including sentencing; cautions; prisoners' release and recall; and the detention of young offenders. It would also reform court proceedings and costs; establish a new system of strict liability in contempt proceedings; create new offences for juror misconduct; make changes to the conduct and funding of judicial review claims; and amend the law on extreme pornography.
24.12.2013Domestic violence statistics
Summary of statistics on the extent and nature of domestic violence from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW).
26.11.2013Clare's law: the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme
The Government has announced that, from March 2014, it will introduce a national domestic violence disclosure scheme. This will provide a framework for the police to disclose information about an individual's history of domestic violence to a new partner.
10.01.2013Householders and the criminal law of self defence
This note considers the potential criminal liability of householders who use force against intruders. Such householders will have a complete defence if they can demonstrate they were using reasonable force in self defence. However, cases such as those of Tony Martin and Munir Hussain have led some to call for a change in the law so that the test is one of "not grossly disproportionate force" rather than "reasonable force". The Government is now proposing to legislate for such a change by way of the Crime and Courts Bill.
16.11.2012Changes to Criminal Injuries Compensation
The Government is reforming Crimininal Injuries Compensation, and a new scheme is due to come into force on 27 November 2012. The changes have been controversial.
06.11.2012Knife crime statistics
The issue of knife related crime continues to be high on the political agenda due to a series of tragic knife related incidents. This note summarises the available statistics relating to knife crime.
31.07.2012Third party action on behalf of victims of domestic violence
Section 60 of the Family Law Act 1996, which could allow third parties to apply for certain court orders on behalf of domestic violence victims, has never been brought into force. This note looks at some of the arguments surrounding this issue.
22.05.2012Labour policy on Domestic Violence - 1999-2010
The Labour Government introduced a number of reforms to the legal remedies for victims of domestic violence, and introduced a number of non-legislative measures. This note examines the development of Labour policy in this area.
27.04.2012Constituency-level crime data
This note highlights the constituency-level crime data that is potentially available.
16.03.2012Protection of Freedoms Bill: Lords amendments
This note summarises the Lords amendments to the Protection of Freedoms Bill, which are due to be considered by the Commons on 19 March 2012.
26.10.2011Social Indicators
A compendium of the latest social statistics. This edition includes articles: The August 2011 riots: a statistical summary, and Initial proposals for new constituency boundaries.
20.10.2011Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims (Amendment) Bill - Committee Stage Report
This Bill is a Private Members' Bill introduced by Sir Paul Beresford. It has received Government support. This Bill was introduced into the Commons on 30 June 2010, and received its second reading without debate on 18 March 2011. The Government tabled a series of amendments for the Bill's committee stage, which were welcomed by Sir Paul. These amendments were all added to the Bill without division. The Bill is due to have its report stage on Friday 21 October 2011.
13.10.2009Alcohol policy and the effects of The Licensing Act 2003
This article reviews some figures on alcohol-related mortality and morbidity, discusses the policy challenge posed by excessive alcohol consumption and evaluates some of the statistics that have emerged following the implementation of The Licensing Act.
20.04.2009The International Criminal Court: Current Cases and Contemporary Debates
This note is intended to offer a brief overview of the current work of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the contemporary debates which surround it.
13.03.2009Sexual and gender-based violence: global trends and perspectives
This Note is intended as an introduction to some key trends and perspectives on sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) around the world.
09.08.2007The Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill Bill 130 of 2006-07
06.10.2006Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Bill
The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Bill (Bill 220 of 2005-06). House of Commons Library Research Paper 06/46
18.11.2005Homicide rate and death penalty
17.06.2005Violent Crime Reduction Bill (Bill 10 of 2005-06)
The Violent Crime Reduction Bill (Bill 10 2005-06). House of Commons Library Research Paper 05/49
09.06.2004Domestic Violence Crime and Victims Bill (HL) (Bill 83 2003/04)
The Domestic Violence Crime and Victims Bill (HL) (Bill 83 2003/04): Criminal procedure and victims. House of Commons Library Research Paper 04/43.
09.06.2004Domestic Violence Crime and Victims Bill (HL) (Bill 83 2003/04)
The Domestic Violence Crime and Victims Bill (HL) (Bill 83 2003/04): Domestic violence provisions. House of Commons Library Research Paper 04/44.